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Setting Up New Nano-help


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Hi, setting up 7 gallon Azoo all-in one. Can some one give me some good advice on how to set uo filtration etc. I am going to have a natural reef system, I have a couple large reef systems, but first time in Nono land. Should underground filter be used? Would you place live rock or media in filtration system? Any help and advice is appreciated.

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I would go with a 2 inch sand bed, 8 pounds of live rock in the tank and then run a HOB filter ( like a Aquaclear 300) set to the lowest speed and fill it up with Live rock Rubble and your heater.

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well the all in one system you are using i think has a built in filter type deal...so id say use however much rock suits your taste. how you like it looking. id probably use about 8-10 pounds. 2 inches of sand and use the rubble as before mentioned. make sure you have good flow as well. no need for media in the filter just yet. only use it if needed.

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