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I also have mine with a HelloLights bulb. It's an Actinic 03 though, not a 50/50. These things are great. They are self ballasted, in their own acrylic casing, and small enough to throw in anywhere.

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ucsd reefer

Try different Lowes around your area. It was sold out of 4 locations around my area..had to do a little searching b4 i found one =) Ordered it online yesterday so hopefully it'll come in soon..

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I picked up the $15 hand-held Bayco Rite-Lite today, mostly out of curiosity. It's quite easy to take apart: four screws plus the plastic rivet that holds the guard tube. The ballast is just a little box in the handle and everything can be removed and put back with no fuss. Nothing is glued or otherwise permanently attached. The socket is a separate piece from the handle and even the switch comes right out; it's almost as if this light was made to be taken apart.


I wonder how long the wires can be from the ballast to the socket. If it's the same ballast as the $20 clip light, then I'd guess at least 6 feet. Anyhow, it would probably be just fine to add a foot of wire if you wanted to detach the handle from the socket and just use the tube under your hood or wherever. And you wouldn't have to deal with that awful curly cord.


Maybe I'll try it with my soon-to-be-refugium Galaxy 5.


Disclaimer: This will certainly void your warranty and could electrocute you, burn down your house, or both. It's probably illegal in New York, California and, if done while naked, the entire South.

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I have 2 under the stock hood of my Walmart Regent 5 both with 50/50 Hello lights. They are awsome. Plus I like the splashproof fixture. I have them mounted together with a cable tie. and just resting on the brace for the tank.

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I have never been able to locate the bookworms only the Bayco troublelight. However I did run across two interesting lights from Azoo. One was mounted on a gooseneck arm that clamped to the rim of a tank with a remote balast and a 6700K 13w PC. This unit sold for $31 Canadian in a store that tends to be overpriced. The Baco trouble light sells for around $20 at HD. The other unit same lamp was in a fixture that extended or telescoped from about 8 to 20 inches (great for a small Fuge) . It also came with legs that would raise it above a small tankand a remote balast. Thais unit was about $40 Canadian.



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