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** StevieT's How to Glue Coral Thread **


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He StevieT,

Thanks for putting this up and congratulations on having your own Nano Reef Article!


I just glued a bunch of stuff down following your instructions and it was duck soup. The only thing I did differently was to spend $10 for tile nippers. I thought that would be better suited for cutting the plugs and as an ex-wrench, I'm all about the right tool for the job. But the plus I cut was really soft, so I'm sure regular nippers would work find.






Thanks Hank, sounds like the tile nippers work well.


I have found that frag plug cut really easy with just about anything. I just had those clippers around the shop, they are from when I ran my painting business and were used to cut stray nails out of siding.

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Stevie-T awesome post. I used this today to frag my finger leather. I have read on many different sites that finger leathers will not stick with super glue due to the slime. Well with the epoxy and putty it worked perfect. Got 14 frags off the leather and every single one stayed.

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Dane- That is very interesting, I have always thought the same that the slime would hinder the glue, but it sounds like you handled it. I have tried rubberbands with leathers before, but if glue is not harmful, all the better!

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I don't know if this has been covered in this extensive thread or not, but it appears that the Home Depot chain is no longer carrying Aquamend brand Putty. I went to two stores in my area this week looking for it and was told "I don't think any of the stores carry it, we sent ours back and a lot of stores were trying to clear out the Aquamend putty."


Of course, this is after I CALLED the store, and they told me that they DID have it, and it was IN STOCK, and I drove 34 miles 'round trip to pick it up. F*** Home Depot.



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Really, that is interesting. Luckily this putty is pretty much one in the same. Right now I am using a product called waterweld, same thing. I have used others in the past, all the same. I liked the aquamend the best since it kneeded better and was softer, but overall, all the same B)

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for some reason, everytime i try to use aqua epoxy, it hardens so when i put it into the water. It is usually warmer from me mixing the two compounds together to form the epoxy then when i put it in the colder water, it hardens up real fast...anyone else experience this? Makes it nearly impossible for me to glue anything with it...

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I really wish I knew about the "glue sandwich" sooner. I just recently learned that trick.


As for damaging corals by sticking them in the "hot" epoxy, all I got to say is that neither of these pieces were bothered in any manner by it:


Chip's acropora....



California Blue Tort....



Both are really UGLY putty jobs, but with a few months of coloring up and encrusting you have:







No more ugly epoxy putty color.....BUT....I would have used MUCH LESS putty with the "glue sandwich" method....

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better late than never! Glad you found the thread. I think my temperature comparison of epoxy putty in water was proof. I am not going to say that some some corals may be damaged, but in water, the heat is dissipated so quickly I don't notice the difference.


glue putty glue, its the way to go

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The sandwhich method definetly works great ! The mighty putty works good as well. I bought it specifically to mount frags. It BLOWS up my skimmer though. Have not noticed any ill affects though. Good info Steve.

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