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FYI All-Glass 16 bow front


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I emailed All-Glass to see if they were coming out with a 16 gallon bow front or not. Here is the response I got:




Actually we have already started shipping these tanks just last week.

If your local pet store does not have them yet they should be getting

them very soon and they also have the option now of ordering them. The

dimensions for this tank are 20 1/2 X 13 X 18 (LxWxH.





All-Glass Aquarium Co.



Cool, so now it's confirmed they are out. Has anyone seen one yet? This should make a very nice nano tank. I may do another tank in this size as soon as I can find a spot in my den for it.



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Yeah, another 2-3 inches on the width would be perfect. That would help with aquascaping a lot. I'm thinking the large CPR Aquafuge on back would work nice and add another 4 gallons to the sytem. Add a 96 watt 20" Coralife Aqualight and you have a nice setup for around $250. I'm most likely getting one. My wife is going to kill me. :P



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Do those measurements mean it's got the same proportions as the 5 and 7 bow AGA models? Also, why do companies release products that are not pictured on their websites? I wanna see this thang momma!



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