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Dj StarChild

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Dj StarChild

I was just looking at the filtration, and what not. It seems pretty compact and reliable. What would you use for a protein skimmer, and a filtration for the ViaAqua, I just think this would be a great tank.



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hey dj


i've got a tank made by this guy. pretty much the same thing, except its slightly larger, 25 gallons total. this is a picture of the one i have, although this isnt my personal tank.


25 gallon hexfront


I've had mine set up for 11 months, it works great. these are really cool set ups. the guy that produces them is really friendly, although since he makes them all himself, it can take a little while to actually receive the tank.


i still havent scratched the front of the tank, even though i've had some rock slides when re-aquascaping my tank.


one drawback is the height, i believe mine is about 19" deep. so corals at the bottom of the tank need to have low light requirements. the hood/canopy has barely enough room for normal PC retrofits, i'm running 2 x 55w (soon adding another 32w from JIM27). This is the most i can fit in, unless i construct a new canopy myself. theres no possibility of MH lights on these tanks.


also, i felt that the built in water flow system didnt provide enough current, so i added another PH. I tossed the PH in the back and ran a hose around to the front of the tank. i really like having the built in sump. makes waterchanges easy.


sorry for the extremely long post, hope it helps you decide :)

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Dj StarChild

Is the hood pretty accessible? Because Feeding and daily duties are important. I have a 55 and want to downsize to a big-nano, (oxymoron) but i think I want to try acrylic, and I think these tanks looks beautiful. What types of coral do you have? ANd is the tank quiet, also what about a protein skimmer!! Thanks!!!!

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Um....why dont you just get a regular acrylic tank and a 10g glass sump and then make your own hood so you can put what ever kind of light you want in them? i think its a lot cheaper that way. Unless i am wrong then someone correct me. I just bought a 20gallon seaclear acrylic tank for the purpose of a sump and this 20gallon seaclear tank only costed me75 dollars at my local fish store. it has a bridge brace at the top to keep the tank from bowing but other then that the whole top is open for your arms and hands to go about doing what ever you like in the tank. The seaclear tank has a dimension of 24length x 13width and 16height. I dont know..but i think it be better if you jsut get what you need and not a lot fo what you might end up not using do to limited space. some one correct me if i am wrong.

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The hood is not attached to the tank at all, it just rests on top. You can just tilt it back, and it will balance vertically. I have zoos, bubble coral, capnella, shrooms, greenstar polyps, cabbage leather, and a neon green favite(?). livestock i have are a false perc, sand sifting star, sally light foot, lots of blue legs.


the overflow can get loud if you let the water level in the back get too low. which is true for any overflow, unless you want to put some media in it. i dont use a skimmer. i initially tried the skimmer that came with the tank, but it returned a ton of bubbles.


i personally enjoy having the built in sump. once you start dealing with multiple tanks, you run into a lot of risks if your powerheads stop running or something.


the only drawback to this tank is the canopy. and thats only a problem if you want to use MH lighting. the skimmer works, i just chose not to use it.


SeaFish has a point when he says that its going to be cheaper to put together the components yourself. i really enjoy having the entire tank system in a single sleek package though. and it does include pretty much everything you need minus lights.

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I have one of those tanks as well. I use the rear area as a fuge and it works pretty well. If I had it to do all over I would try to use an external sump because the area in the back gets really crowded. I just sent the guy an email today asking if he would build me one with no in tank sump, if so I'm going to switch mine out.

Here is a shot of mine.



Here is the fuge.


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