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new spikey worm


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This think showed up in my tank today. My LR has been in my tank for 2 weeks now. It seems like I'm beginning to see more and more life to the tank, including lots of little bugs and barnacles. What is this?

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just the other day i spotted one that was like seriously DISGUSTINGLY HUGE!!!!! I mean it look like something out of GODZILLA....im thinkin 1/2 inch in diameter...

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dkillmer, i had the exact same thing happen to me, i tried running the live rock under fresh water to get rid of them-didnt work! so, i put the liverock in my 55 FOWLR , wich has 3 fire shrimp, in about 2 minutes tey were pulling about 6 or 7 worms that look just like you attached pic.(bristle worms). my advice to you get a fire shrimp. they are very worth it!!

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If not you can always buy a bristleworm trap...it's works great and I don't have any in my tank at all. Just set the trap at night and the next morning you'll have the worm in it.

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