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I am looking at this kit from hellolights: http://store.yahoo.com/lamps-now/1851x96wcomf.html

First of all, is this a good choice?

For retrofits, how do you know what type of hood they are going to fit in, or do people normally build the enclosure themselves? I am thinking this would need a fan to work right, would a little computer fan work fine? Could anyone offer me a little more advice about retrofits because I have no experience with them. Thanks.

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Well with me I am having to build my own hood to mount the kit into. I ordered the 13 watt retro and with that one you can just mount it into a 2.5 gallon hood or anything thats 6" or greater. I also have another hood for my 7 gallon bow, this hood is 19 inches by about 12inches, and with this one it wont fit into the 7 gallon hood ( cause the hood is just a strip light thats only 16" over a versa top) I planned on making a hood out of a cigar box or old humidor, and I was going to put about two or three fans. One on each side and maybe one in the middle with those PC's they give off alot of heat. And with the wooden hood I would have to put a few coats of poly. so it doesnt crack from heat or water. What size tank are you using that retro for?

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