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Metal Halides on a 7 gal?


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??? Do you guys think this will be to much for a 7 gal? I will be putting a 175w bulb on the hood and will be running a 5.5 gal sump... I also will be keeping clams and sps corals with a couple of softies and zooanthids ... i really need your advice because im new to this and not sure if this would be over kill... if this is too much ... please tell me the ideal light setup for my setup.


Thanx very much for any responses :)

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175 would be just fine! I would go with a 10000k and some actinic PC, what you had before. You will have a lot more evap. but just get a float switch!! Man your corals will LOVE you if you do that!

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well i have heard mixed opinions on this so i wanna wait and see some more responses... no offense bamann i would jus like to be sure

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