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Beekers BB BC29g- Slightly Juiced Zen Garden!


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I just got my Biocube 29g in the mail today and it looks perfect


i'm getting ready to do all of the mods to tomorrow, hopefully i can find a better stock pump, or maybe i'll use the stocker and go with 2 koralia 1's so i don't have to mod the back, i'll probably add the SR3 Cpr skimmer to it in a few more week's after it's up and running


I'll have some pics up soon, hopefully of some nice rock and water, ;)

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sorry for the delay in pics, it took me awhile to aquascape and i still think i need 2 or 3 more boulder type pieces to bring the back up a little higher, but here's the setup for now, minus 2 koralia 1's









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Deffinately add more rock... I would also suggest seeing if you can't give yourself more clearence between the rock and the glass. It's hard to clean when it is so close to the sides.

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i'll be using the 20" 150w sunpod hqi 14k pheonix fixture (it's currently on my 5.5g)


sadly i didn't have many options to get the rock off the glass or the back wall, this was as stable as i could make it, and i'm keeping it BB so when i have to clean i can just use a powerhead to get everything from behind the rocks out, i didn't want the hassle or stress that sand causes my head, hahaha


Yeah i know i need more rock, i just wanted to have plenty of room for coral growth since this will be mainly SPS so i didn't stuff the tank with a ton of rock at first, i learned from doing that with my first tank (20g high)


that amount in the tankright now is atleast 25lbs of rock

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i don't have a clue where to buy the starboard around where i live, so that didn't happen, i would have used it if i knew where to get it, but for now i'm not worried about an avalanche


I stacked the rocks up and they are perfectly stable, even if i add 2-3 more pieces to the back it will still be stable, if it isn't more stable than it is now, my idea was to leave enough space from the top to the bottom of the tank for upward growth, i didn't want to stack my rockwork all the way to the top of tank because i figured it would give me less room to place corals, plus sps need room and i want to have 20-30 small colonies when i'm finished, or atleast thats my hope

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I was debating transfering my 5.5 because i have red flatworms in my 5.5


i used the Blue life flatworm exit....and didn't have great results, needless to say i might ditch all the cured LR from my 5.5 just to avoid bringing any flatworms into the new tank, i will be fresh water dipping all my corals before the transfer as well, most likely i'll be buying some Salifert FWE since i've heard it's the best, my LFS sold me the blue life FWE and well, either it works like crap as i experienced (or i didn't use it right, which is almost impossible to do)


i dosed 20 drops of the blue life FWE in my 5.5 (when it said dose 2 drops per 10 gallons) the flatworms should have been catching on fire and shriviling up and dying....but they didn't, and i still have some flatworms left, i dosed the 20 drops over an hour period and the flatworms were still moving the whole time, i did have my old carbon still in the tank when i dosed, but the bottle said to leave it in....so i'm not sure if i would have got better results if i would have removed my carbon, all i know is my water was blue, the flatworms weren't dying or looking distressed, and i still have them in my tank....

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Well i did another dosing of Salifert FWE and the Blue life FWE, it seems like i got rid of all of my flatworms so i hope that by next weekend i'll have everything from my 5.5 transfered over and stabalized


I'll get new pics after i get everything transfered and rescapped since the biocube is pretty bare right now, lol

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well i just finished the transfer of my 5.5g to the biocube,


i'll try and get some pics tonight or tomorrow, i'm still placing my coral's and making sure the flow is directed properly and that has been the hardest part so far, the move only took me 3-4 hours thank god, lol

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New Pic's 2-13-08








Superman Zoa's



Green Acorpra, Superman Digi And Forest Fire Digi and a Red Cap




Blue Mushroom, Green Mushroom, and Green, orange and red Zoa's



My Clownfish Meanie, The First Time He's Seen The Camera, lol




Equipment as of now


2 koralia 1's

Tunze ATO

2 Heater's just incase

Maxijet 1200 pump upgrade

SR3 CPR skimmer

Sunpod 20" 150w pheonix 14k


I still use the stock biocube carbon tray's

I also use chemipure elite

i dose b-ionic 2 part

Feed the fish and dose pyhto and oyster egg's


The corals and everything were just moved this past weekend so they are still adjusting but everything is looking good so far

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Well it's been a long time since i've posted any pics


Tonight i will taking new ones


The reason for the delay was because i moved into a new house and had to wait till everything was stable again, my tank is 4 months and 2 weeks old, but 2 weeks behind because of the move


My equipment is:


2 koralia 2's 600gph each

1 maxi-jet 300 for the return pump

150w sunpod 14k pheonix fixture

CPR SR2 skimmer (I haven't even used it since the move, i've just been doing water changes)


Stock list:

1 starry blennie

1 dwarf lionfish

1 tru perc clown



New pics will be up tomorrow morning or tonight if i have time


I have a cell phone pic for now though, (taken last night)

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New pics 8-7-08




Equipment list:

Tunze ATO

CPR SR 3 skimmer

2 koralia #2's

1 maxi-jet 1200 for the return pump

20" 150w Sunpod pheonix 14k

2 24w T5 Giessman Atinic+

Clamp fan




i use chemipure-elite and the standard BC29 carbon trays


I dose

B-ionic 2 part 20 ml of cal and alk daily

B-ionic magnesium 15-30 ml ever other day


1ml of A and K pro coral elements daily (still gauging the effects/improvements/ill effects)

So far i've only noticed good things


I feed DT's phytoplankton and oyster eggs

Monday and Tuesday, I run the skimmer all day Wendnesday, then feed again Thursday and Friday, Skim all day Saturday, Then Run the skimmer all day sunday after my water change



time for the pics

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livestock list:


1 starry blennie

1 spotted hawkfish

1 fuzzy dwarf lionfish

1 Red formia starfish

1 blood shrimp

1 emarald crab


Turbo snails

Scarlet hermits

Cerith snails



bubble bee snails


Frag list:


Green/Brown Brain

Blue/gold Brain

Superman Digita

Forest fire Digita

Purple/Green Digita

Green acorpora

4 headed Hammer

Green bubble coral

Green BTA

Multicolored Finger leather

Red Ball (or genopora)

Sun polyps

red mushrooms

green/gold zoa's

lime green Zoa's

Superman Zoa's

Chocolate chip Zoa's

Red and orange Zoa's

Pink and green Zoa's

Orange and green Zoa's


pics were taken with a canon PS a640


i didn't turn the pumps off and had the 150w 14k pheonix and 2 24w atinic+'s on at the time

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Thanks for all the comments guys


it's taken me 2+ years of reading to get to this point


This being only the 3rd tank i've ever ran and it is my dream setup right now

(minus the 30+ pieces of SPS, lol why do they have to be so expensive)


I'll get it fully stocked eventually,but i normally only get 2-3 new pieces a month so it will be awhile, hah


none of the sucess i have had with this tank would have even been possible without the great people on this forum and all the wonderful and extensive amount of knowledge i've gained from reading about their own setups and trials and errors that we've all experiecend in this hobby


since having this tank for 7 months and only losing 2 pieces of coral


i'm incredibly happy with where i'm at now and hope to continue this tank for the next 2 years atleast


I'll be taking monthly pics from now on to keep track of the growth/progress

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Your tank looks fantastic!


Just curious, why did you opt to go bare bottom? It looks good; just wondering if there was any benefit.

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