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Everything looks incredibly healthy and colorful Henry. It looks like you are already starting to get some growth out of the Hispida that you got a couple weeks ago.


For me, it's kind of a toss up between the Phoenix and the Radium. I guess I would really have to see the Radium in person before I can pass judgment. Either way, your corals look stunning, you're getting great growth and color rendition. I would be happy either way :)


How is the Pseudocorynactis situation?

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Nick's Reef

Wow, what a difference the new bulb makes! Everything looks so much more colorful! Right now i'm debating between keeping my tank as a softies and lps tank or upgrade to a sunpod and mainly have hyard corals (lps and sps) with only a few zoas and all my rics. I'm kinda over zoos since i have really bad luck with them and they always get zoapox of zoafungus even tho i dip every farg religiuosly in ro and iodine before it goes in.

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Very nice corals. I see that the same colony seems to be identified as a purple stylophora in one picture and a purple digitata in another --it looks like the two different types in the pictures, but it has got exactly the same shape, though.

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Thanx everyone,

Dive the Pseudocorynactis are just hanging out. Gonna leave them alone and see what happens. Yeah I am really happy with both lamps. I'm gonna run the Radium for the next 6-8 months and see what if any color morphing might occur. I love the Hispada, hope to see it really take off.

Nick good luck with whatever way you decide to go. Your tank is nice now and I am sure you will succeed in any endeavor you choose.

Ocean you are correct and I am stupid. That is a purple Stylophora not digitata.

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I LOVE your tank and wanted ask for some guidance.

1- Where did you buy your live rock, corals from?

2- How did you find out which corals and inhabitants belong in your biotope?

3- I am kind of clueless about dosing. Can you explain briefly why you dose what you dose and what supplements, salt product you specifically use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks again


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