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SeeDemTails 37 gal Mantle SPS and Zoa Reef

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I have a 37 gal AGA that is in the wall between my kitchen and living room, like a doctors office tank.


I have it lit with 2 x 65W pc's and 1 x 150W MH with a 14k phoenix.


I will post more about the tank later, but here are a few pics of my reef. Who said girls cant keep reefs?


Current FTS's 01/28/08









































-Christel Mei

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Looks very nice Young lady...

Pics seem a little dark..was this done on purpose???


Ya lucky fish...LOL



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not sure why i left FL to come BACK to Louisiana err umm. Yeah anyway. Beautiful tank! I would love to see the FTS.

Those black clowns are fantastic! Did they ever have any orange in the face?

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looks great but i have to agree the pics are little on the dark side... but they still look fantastic... especially that last one :D

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Sorry about the pics, they are with my new SLR and I am trying to figure out the lighting without using a flash....I am getting a little better but they still need some work. I really need a tripod so I can use longer exposures, all those shots are by hand. Any advice?


No, the female was always all black, and the male only had a tiny spot of orange, now he is all black too. I have had them for years. They are the best looking black percs I have ever seen, and I am proud to call them mine!

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Tripod is almost always necessary for crisp, clear long exposure shots. :) Get yourself one (even if a cheap one for now) and try setting the shutter speed for longer, perhaps 0.5 to 1 second duration, and also keep the apature opened up all the way to the lowest number. Good luck! :)

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That's so cool. I'm actually building (or rather saving for) a similar in wall tank to divide my living room and master bedroom. Just a little larger 250G. For privacy on demand, I'll be installing automated satin curtains from the bedroom side. Can you post shots of the full front and rear view?

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I just got a new macro lens, and my corals have been growing like crazy, so here are a few new pics!




































And a FTS


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nice macro shots, tripod= a must.


also look into a macro flash or a "flash ring" .

instead of the flash being a top mount, it will be mounted on the end of your lens.


ebay it, or google it.


it also depends on what camera your using?!?

I have 5 or 6 different SLR's haha, ranging from pentax to ricoh, to yachitca




anyways nice tank!

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You have some of the most beautiful monti caps. Well done.

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Can you post shots of the full front and rear view?


+1... and great aquascape.

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Very Nice pictures, your corals are Beautiful !!! .....(I want to buy a macro lens now :happy: )

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You can really see the difference in growth, polyp size and color if you compare the pics of the zoa colonies and the montiporas since the switch to a 150w 14k phoenix metal halide in addition to my 2x65w PC's. Especially the purple cap. It was in bad shape when I got it, you can see a huge difference in color, and growth if you compare the pics.


I love healing and growing corals! :happy:

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I love healing and growing corals! :happy:


I agree, I've gotten pretty good deals on dying corals in the past and brought them back. Good job on the tank, everything looks healthy.

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your tank is... just what i want, viewable from two rooms. What i really like about this tank is the aquascape. i really like the open look which makes it look alot bigger. ill be following this -Andrew


o and what about the fts from the other side!

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That is spectacular aquascaping.

I would love to see a FTS from each side of the tank.

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I said I would post some details about the tank when I got a chance. I will also try to post some FTS's from both sides.


The tank is a 37 gal AGA. I have it on a small marble counter that used to be a window between my kitchen and my living room before we added on to the house.


The tank has 5 power heads in it, 4 rio 200's and a maxijet 1200. I skim the tank with a AquaC Remora with a surface skimmer that I hang on one of the small sides of the tank.


I heat the tank with a azoo 300w titanium heater. It keeps things stable as it is right next to a sliding glass door and that area gets chilly fast when it gets cold out.


For lighting, I have a current usa 2x65 w fixture with TRU bulbs from hello lights...Im not sure how good the bulbs are but they look good and grow my coral well, and Im on my thrid set and no issues. I retro fitted the hood with a 150w 14k phoenix MH that I got from Illuming.com. I threw an extra fan on it as well for obvious reasons. It lights the tank well, despite the center brace that throws a small shadow. The CF lights do a good job of filling it in so it isnt that noticeable on the sand bed, and no corals are under it besides the wellsophylia brain, and I feel it gets enough light.


I do water changes weekly with my own ro/di water and Tropic Marin and have no detectable nitrates or phosphates. I had some algae growth on my powerheads but the tang is knocking it out quickly.


I use ESV B-ionic for my ca/alk which stays between 400-420ppm ca and 2.97-3.1 alk, and test every thing with salifert.


Inhabitants vary, I like to keep a wide variety of corals, and the tank is no where near finished.




Zoas and Palys:

Fire and ice

Gorilla nipples

Neon green mouth cotton candys

Radioactive dragon eyes

Eye of rahs

Green bay packers

Sweet pinks

Arctic moons

orange bam bams?(we will see after a couple more weeks under halide)

Mean Greens

Two strains of blue palys

and a couple other types that I dont know the name of.



Orange monti cap

Green monti cap

Purple monti cap

Orange monti digi

Hulk monti undata?

(many more montis to come!)

A couple acro frags

mystery coral that I have to get a good pic of, it looks like red velvet, and its encrusting.


LPS and softies:

Wellsophylia brain

2 types of Green star polyps

Encrusting gorgonian

Various mushrooms


Devils Hand




Green rock anemone

Flower anemone

More types of dusters than I can count

Green and Red mithrax



Blue linkia star

All kinds of other small stars and crustaceans




Pair of black clowns(occelaris or percula, i have never check to find out, can anyone tell me?)

Neon goby

Yellowhead jawfish

Green chromis

Sailfin tang.....


Before someone freaks on me because of the tang, let me explain. I also have recently purchased a 120 gal tank that I plan on setting up in the next 6 months when I move to a new house in the same area. The tang and the clowns will both be going into this tank. For now, the tangs body is the size of a silver dollar and it has plenty of room to swim in the open areas of this tank. I would never purchase a fish I wasnt planning on keeping for the length of its life.


Anyway thats my tank. Thanks for reading my thread!


-Christel Mei

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WOW.. i am really impressed. keep up the good work. i mean fun... this is fun, not work.



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