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Cultivated Reef

Too many fish for a 15gallon long?


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Hey all, I really like to clown species... so I'm probably going to go w/ them... I like the variety more though... I would like to keep:


Tomato Clown

Skunk Clown

Percula Clown


Is this too much for a 15 gallon long (18''CPR on back, piccollo skimmer)? Assuming they will grow to their full size will they be cramped when maxed out on growth?


Or can I add a 4th?? :)

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That is cutting it close. Make sure your tank is established, add them one at a time and do your water changes religously. 4 Fish would be really tight. I would not reccomend it. Besides 4 is a very unlucky number in japan. Stick with 3, or better yet try to get a pair, then add a goby or two for variety.

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Yeah Dennis I agree with Aware, my friend already bought more fish for his tank and he was unlucky enough to buy a tomato and percula. Needless to say they went off against each other with fins floating all over the tank...poor fish

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