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Stainless steel for a Reflector


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Hello everyone this is my first post.

I came across some stainless steel plate that was going to get tossed out at work. My question is this, a lot of reflectors are made out of aluminum but is there any reason that a person should not use Stainless steel for a DIY reflector. The only advantage that i know of for choosing aluminum over stainless is weight and cost.

please give me any feedback





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Thanks a lot for the link and input, the cost is not an issue because i am getting some stainless for free from my work, i can tig weld it. i really like that other hood. I think that I will polish mine and clear coat it and leave it shiney on the ounside too.

i am about 6 months out from my tank, but when i see stuff i may be able too use.... well I guess that i am just cheap

this is an awesome forum


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Just an FYI, SS will eventually rust. It will last almost forever in a FW enviroment but rusts within a year in SW. Protecting it with a clearcoat probably will help alot but i havent tried it. Here is a pic of my SS reflector after a years use. Might of lasted longer if i had a splash shield, clearcoated it, or cleaned the salt spray off it. :P



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Totlxtc do you know what grade of stainless you used? what I have is some 304 grade.

thanks. I am still not sure what i am going to do yet i am still in the early recearch stage

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As evident by totlxtc's post , SS comes in various grades. Cheaper grades have more impurities (i.e. rustable element). In boats, they use SS for above the waterline fastners and fittings, but below the waterline they usually use bronze.....although it is not as reflective. If you do find a nice shiny piece of SS, coat it with a thin layer of epoxy and that should stop or delay any rust issues.

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