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larger sand grains with sleeper goby?


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well my tank has been going good ....got a pair of percula clowns a few weeks ago and just added a yellow headed sleeper goby and my tank is a constant sand storm. I have a few inches of very fine reef play sand (3"-3.5" deep). is this sand storm harmful to my fish? I have a viaaqua multi skimmer with filter pad in it and had to clean it out as it was overflowing(filter pad gunked up) and have been getting some nasty dried foam in the cup. is it ok to add larger sized crushed coral on top of the fine sand to keep the goby from stirring it up so bad? my LR is all covered....BUT MY my once nasty looking sand is very clean.....would the goby be ok with larger sand/crushed coral? the LFS that I got the goby from had him in small tank with crushed coral and he just swam around....in my tank the first day he was gulping sand and looked very happy.......but the tank is a mess....any ideas??? thanks all....

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You could do it but it won't do one ounce of good. He'll just keep doing it. IMO, the only way to stop it would be to trade in your current goby for one who doesn't drop sand bombs in the tank. It's not harmfull to fish, could be harmfull to corals, and is more of a PITA than anything really.



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I put #5 coral sand over my fine sand in the tank and left the center (I made a circle with the live rock so they have an open cave) with just the fine sand...he still sifts the sand that is in the center but not the new stuff...the tank is clean but he looks sad now....he does eat frozen formual one and formula 2 pellets. Is this ok?? He swims around with the two other fish and seems ok. He has lots of caves and hiding spots. He has not even tried to dig in the new coral sand....but I see lots of digging in the back of the tank....anybody else try this? thanks all

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