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Zoot!'s place. 10 pics

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29L, Amiracle SL sump w/HOB overflow. 150W MH + 2x18W Actinic PC.I suck at pictures, but here ya go.


EDIT: apologies for the watermarks and diatoms. I didn't clean out the overflow before taking pics, and haven't put a background on the tank. I also didn't clean the watermarks off the back before taking pictures.


Also, the lighting is really blue, and my camera picks it up big time. The edits on the pics are auto contrast and autobright, and resize in photoshop elements to help with the blueness a little.





















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Pics 11/18/07



New Favia aquired



Zoot! v.5.0 (After Zoot! v.4 jumped out in a very daring theatrical and amazing move....thru 3/4 inch gap covered in egg crate, in the dead of night. R.I.P. Zoot! v.4. All previous Zoot!s have died from jumping. This Zoot! is secured with no possible means of jump. There is tape, glass, and filter sock covering every escape route. See note in general forum about jumping jawfish.)


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I bet the color in person is amazing. I like your aquascape and I'm a huge softie fan. In regards to the 6th picture in the 1st post, is that a sarcophyton (toadstool leather)? If so, which species? Either way, it's awesome, can't wait to see it at 8" across or more :D


Keep up the good work.

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Some kind of neon green toadstool. A friend of mine gave me a frag from his prized collection tank. He mentioned it is some limited edition. I am thinking possibly Tyree LE. I'll have to ask him tomorrow.


Thank you for the complements. I'll see if I can get a better shot by turning off the actinics perhaps tomorrow.


I am also going to try to add a background sometime this week. I just can't decide a color or mirror or what.

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Looks great. I think a black background would really make those colorful corals pop out even more.

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