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Had to do it... Got a 7g Mini-Bow a'coming!


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Yeah yeah yeah... All you mini-bow'ers always talking amongst yourselves got me jealous! With your little mini-bow specialty site and all! ;) So I'm just now getting coraled up in my 10g and thinking of new lights - when I placed an order for a 7g MB. :D


GAWD ain't this schtuff great!!!


Now I can hit HelloLights and get a retro ordered up this weekend! Hmmm... Maybe TBS for some stuff too! Damn this is fun! And I still have a complete 90g setup with sump, skimmers, etc in storage to put up someday! B)

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buy my lights. 70 watt hqi metal halide and a 36 watt actinic powercompact. one extra replacement halide, one extra replacement powercompact.


we can work something out for the price and I hear the pony express is still sending a man out your way once a month so maybe we can get the lights to you the next time you get your rations delivered.


for pictures of the light, check out any of my tank threads. The only issue would be heat and a microchiller works just fine with those lights - keeps the tank nice and cool.


give me a pm or an email if you want it.

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