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Yang's Review of Sure Flow 1600 Maxi-Jet Upgrade Kit


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Sure Flow 1600 Maxi-Jet Upgrade Kit




Best $14.99 I have spent EVER!


I used a Maxi-Jet 1200 and this mod and super glued the swivel ball mount bracket on to a $10.00 Petco magnet.


So in all about $45.00 but if you already have a Maxi-Jet then the extra $10 and $15 is worth the investment unlike the other Maxi-Jet mods this one comes with the swivel ball mount bracket and it's currently cheaper than any other Maxi-Jet mod kits so you're getting more bang for your buck. You can also superglue the swivel ball mount bracket to the Maxi-Jet suction cup bracket too but if you don't want to DIY there's also a magnet that's made for the swivel ball mount bracket that you can buy (link below)



This mod onto a Maxi-Jet 1200 produces double the flow of my Seio M820 so the 1600gph claim is true only if you're using a Maxi-Jet 1200.


I wouldn't recommend to use this setup on a wave maker since the reverse stopper tab & propeller is only plastic and a few hundred stop and goes will over time take its toll. For none stop use it's the best thing currently you can do to your Maxi-Jet to get more flow out if it and not spend alot of DIY time and money.


So in all it took me about 10 minutes to get everything done and up and running.















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I've read that the mod works better on the 900's (less noise)


Yeah the 900 is less noise but you won't get the 1600gph but in a nano I don't think you guys want 1600gph anyways :P

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i'd be hard pressed to say that its pushing the 1600 it claims... at least to me one mod is comparable to my koralia 4. it might be a little stronger or more diffused though.

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hmmm, me likey! B)


haven't seen my tank in a month or so, maybe this will strike up some interest for me again. i love gadgets, especially the ones that don't look like ass. :lol:

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