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just got some yellow polyps and zoos...


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ok here is the question:


the colonies came on a very ugly piece of rock, no coralline and it's composition looks NOTHING like any other rock in my 15 gallon nano...


Is it ok if i individually cut off each yellow polyp (close to the base, i've heard) and zoo and place them on my favorite rock of choice that was in my nano? If i place them, how do i get them to sit still? I can't remove the rock thats in my nano...would super glue work if i put some on the bottom of the polyp and stick it to a rock that's still in the water? My impression was that u had to glue both pieces of whatever your trying to stick when they are both outside of the water.....

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sam, put the rock in the tank and let the zoos grow. they should, eventually, cover the rock and then you won't have to deal with the ugly rock. Plus, moving zoos is not very difficult but it can be messy and you could kill the polyps. Another option is to place the zoos on the sandbed and cover the exposed portion of rock with more sand. As the zoos spread onto the sand, then you can lift them up and glue them to other areas of rock.


I have found that messing around with fragging on a small scale like that can be very hazardous to your health, as well as the animals (sliced my finger many times).

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sadly, it's true. there have been many stories lately of people accidentally putting their fingers in there eyes or mouth after tinkering in the tank (and obviously not cleaning up afterward - animals) and getting very sick.

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deacon hemp

have you guys ever touched zoo's before?


Before i knew about the rc thread and zoo's toxic sting,i was moving a colony of zoo's in my tank with long tweezers,when i removed the tweezers from my tank i noticed some macro algea and crud on them......so what do i do,i cleaned them off by running my bare fingers the lenght of the tweezers and within seconds i knew i f#$^%ed up....my hand went tingely and then started to throb up to my elbow for about a half an hour!


could you imagine if you touched them and had a cut,it wouldn't feel too nice!

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