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Chucktown BC 29 Mixed Reef

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Good to see you again. The lights i got from you are still doing well. Just replace the bulbs a while back. Post pics of your new setup.


Thanks man. I haven't been around here for quite a while. Just got busy with work and general life and haven't had the time for extracurricular "work". I will definitely post some pics as things come along.



Haven't had time to read through the entire post yet, but tank looks great.

Have my Biocube setup for a bit over 2 months (I think) right now. Getting pretty full. Good to see some other people from the Charleston area on here.

Tideline got some NICE stuff in this week, if you haven't been by yet.


Nice to meet another Charlestonian as well....there are a couple of us around here.

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Well you can always clean out the biocube after you move the stuff out and use it for a frag tank.

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