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13 watt 6400k bulb for 4 bucks


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I was at walmart and I found this bulb for 4 bucks. I'd heard mention of it before, but never seen pics. Here's the package and inscription reads PL 110/130V 13W 6400K.







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Don't forget the ballast and connector that comes in this box. Some of these come with 2700K bulbs, of the 5 I bought, 2 were 6500K. I bought the last three on sale for $5, ballast, 6500K bulb (if you're lucky), and socket. They normally cost ~$10.




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haha i ahve one of those, lol if your lucky you get a 6500k bulb hahahhaha reminds me of those cracker jack things, you never know whatcha gomnna get you hope its somehing good like a plastic superhero figureing rather than those boring tatooos.....

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Those 4 buck bulbs have a "different" base tab. GX23 bulbs have two of those white bumb tabs on each side and those have one. You can still use them, just be careful they really clip in and be carefull when you remove them.....don't break the bulb if it gets stuck.


My wally world is out of those light now. :(

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