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Hoob's 40g ZeroEdge

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Just got this in today. Been madly setting it up...putting off studying for a morning microbiology test so I'll keep this brief.


Shipping box



Cloudy tank



Sump (old model)



Working sump (with mag 18)







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Surface (those won't be sticking up there forever)






Old and new



Skimmer taking out the cloudiness



So what if my floor isn't level?


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dude that thing is awsome! I love it! Best of luck, and let us know how it goes. any plans yet on stocking?

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Thanks, I've been waiting for it to arrive for weeks...


I am planning to move everything from my 30g finnex (in my sig) into this tank and then add a variety of more zoas and some interesting inverts or docile fish. That's it for now. Right now I need to level it...one corner doesn't flow over well due to an old floor and building. Oh well. I ended up lifting the whole 600 odd pounds system with my shoulder to shove little pieces of plastic under the edges to level it so far. What a pain.

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lol dude that's so awesome. i can't believe you're setting up a zeroedge in your dorm! my school made me keep it under 20g :D

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that's a really nice tank, i wish i could afford something like that. good luck with it.

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Congrats man....that thing is awesome looking even all cloudy. I'm sure that thing will be the talk of the dorm to say the least ;)


Looking forward to seeing it come along.

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Very badass. In a dorm too! What a rebel! I can't wait to see it stocked.

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You are an evil evil man........now I want to go bigger in my dorm........lol. Granted I think I already have most of my floor thinking I am a bit off having 2 fish tanks in a dorm(I couldnt bare to let my FW go)


Make sure to keep us updated, I love zero edge's!

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Thanks to everyone for the interest! I am glad that I am not the only one who's stoked for this tank. I am running off two hours of sleep after the longest day I've had in weeks. I was in neurobiology lab today and almost fell asleep on my brain slices. This might not be the most coherent entry ever...


Total aquarium volume in dorm room: 20g+30g+24g+40g=114g. That's too much, gona take down the Finnex ASAP. So last night I couldn't sleep and took the microbiology test on two hours of sleep after zero studying due to this new tank. I got get myself out of this hobby.


I have looped my nanocube fuge with the zeroedge. I left it on the drawers next to the tank since I could not fit it into the cabinet. I drilled a hole in the back of the acrylic cabinet to run the piping and wiring so that I could actually close the front doors of the stand. I still have not leveled the tank but the 2.5 sides that have even flow are crystal clear. The cloudiness is going down but the mag 18 still kicks up a sand storm.


I accidentally disconnected the end of a lokline tube connected to the mag 18 and had a 8 foot jet of water shoot across the room right onto my couch and a pile of textbooks. I quickly shut off the pump, replaced the extra tubing, and turned the pump back on.

...I connected to tubing to the wrong line and another 8 foot jet hit the same spot again. It's impressive how quickly this pump ejects water from the tank.


I added another 70 watt retrofit to the light stand as I don't see how I can set up my 5.5 at the moment (took the 70w from the hood of that tank). That brings the total up to 3x70w, 1x150 watt, and 1x96 watt t5 HO that will come off the Finnex. Needless to say the tank is well lit.


I turned on all the lights and realized that there was a lot of salt on the glass of the newest 70 watt. I got a wet piece of paper towel and gripped the lamp (it had only been on for a few seconds, not hot enough to turn off). A jolt of pain shot up my arm and my fingers locked around the light. Poor wire connecting. I got the shock of my life and the light actually went off as my hand was around it. I think I woke up half the hall with my yell. My hand was sweating and aching for more than an hour...next time I got to be more careful with my electrical work!


I threw a few rocks into the tank just to add something to it. I put one in with a few RPE polyps and they were opened within 5 mins. Looping the tank with the established fuge really helped. Below are pictures attached.










New sump set-up



1st addition


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So, after examining my fingers I can actually see the circular burns where I assume the electricity entered my finger. Stings like hell!

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you bad boy!

you are supposed to study! -_-

but i liked it!

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Last night I was going to go to bed early...but I thought that I should at least but one piece of rock into the new tank. One led to another when led to another which led to a few zoas which led to all the zoas which led to all the lps, to the small lr pices, to the big lr pieces, to the sps, and eventually I had moved everything. And it was 6 in the morning. 5 hours of moving and arranging. I am not exactly pleased with the result...but it is alright for now. It was really difficult to cover up the plumbing and use rocks already encrusted with coral. Let me know what you think.The pictures really do not do it justice. It seems a lot less crowded in real life, a lot more open and airy. DSC_0202.JPGDSC_0244.JPGTop RightDSC_01971.JPGTop MiddleDSC_0167.JPGDSC_0169.JPGTop front leftDSC_01741.JPGTop front leftDSC_01731.JPG

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OH MAN! I think I am justified to say that you are nuts! I'm allowed to have a ten gallon tank in my dorm. :mellow:




That tank is sweet by the way!

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OMG. This tank is so kick ass. I just noticed after I posted in one of your gallery pictures. That water comes off the top and drains into the stand (kind of)? Then gets kicked back to the display tank? That's insane man. AWESOME AWESOME set up dude.

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Oh man. My title was a prophecy. Today I was studying at the library when I can a call form an known number. I ignored it and in 30 seconds I got another from an unknown. Then I got a third and they left me a message. While I am starting to listen to the message I start to get multiple calls. Like tens. The message goes:


"Dude, there's water coming out from under your door. I am going in now and the tank is empty and water is everywhere."


I freak out and sprint back to my room to find that the return line from the main pump had come off. I have not yet recieved the check valves for the return from zeroedge and was, stupidly, assuming that all would go well until I got the plumbing. The tank drained 2/3 and most of the sump water was shot out of the sump by the Mag18. Luckily, the cabinet it water proof and holds around 20 gallons. I think that only 6 gallons of water ended up on the floor and the people here caught it in time to save the livestock. I had not yet drained my finnex cube so I took water out of that to refill the tank. I went through three washer loads of towels given to me by people in the hall and at one point around 20 of them were in my room sopping up the mess and bringing in fans to dry the carpet. Hopefully I will be able to get out all of the salt, and hopefully none of it will soak through the floor. A little went through and ruined a tile below my room but it wasn't bad at all. It was a fiberglass $2 ceiling tile so I don't think it will be a big deal. So far everything in the tank looks fine and I fixed up and tightened the water connection. What a disaster.

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Bad pic of the new fuge. It has "toadstool" algae from sealifeflorida as well as shaving brush algae from the same place. I also have shoal grass and sponge algae. The back chambers are filled with chaeto and lighted with an 18w bulb. The main display is lighted with a 60 watt cf light. I just planted the thing yesterday so it looks terrible. Reminded me of planting glossomostiga with tweezers in my old planted tank.




Just a few coral shots from the new tank







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When I was in school we weren't even allowed halogen lamps in our rooms. How on earth are you going to get away with that?! Best of luck to you, it's a cool set-up.

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New pics:


Look at the pods destroying this sick paly polyp




Red Shroom




Some kind of people eater




Eagle eyes shocked by the lighting upgrade









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