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yasha hashe gobies?!?


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I have just seen one of the most beautiful gobies. THere are many names: yasha hashe, Stonogobiops yasha (cinctus), Cryptocentrus cinctus, blue-spotted yellow watchman goby. There is not a lot of help or care about this species. Thanks for any help.

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That is a yashia haze goby. There isnt much info on them and not scientific name because they are new. I have had one and they are damn expensive. 60 dollars for a 2.5 inch goby but they are extremely smart and active for gobies. I will soon order another pair with some randall's anapping shrimps. This link is actually pretty good for background info http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/dec...ec2002/Fish.htm but if you need more help, please send me an email at my nano-reef screen name at aol.com. I would love to talk to someone with interest in these beautiful fishes.

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oh yeah do they jump. mine jumped out of the tub-a-ware container 3 times while it was acclimating. i was scared because i didn't think he was going to make it, but monthes later i catch him swimming around my tank and then darts into his tunnel. mine only eats brine and mysis shrimp. i love these little fish. i regret not buying the pair, the lfs had 2 in a container floating in a tank and i only got 1 because $30 for a fish is a lot. i went back the next week to get the other one, but it was gone. well that about sums up my life story.

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sir winston mulligan

i was soooo close to getting a mated pair of yasha hashes(sp?)for 80 bucks(i thought it was a good deal..i was like 10 bucks short, and when i went back in they next week one was gone...ive been kickin myself ever since cause damn they are cool

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is it possible to pair up gobies? i currently have a hi fined with a pistol shrimp. is it possible to add another hi fine to the existing group.

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Do these gobies have symbiotic relationships with pistols? I want to get a goby/pistol pair...any recommendations for a cool one?

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Thanks reefs--does it matter which you add first? Is there a place where I can order the shrimp AND this goby somewhere instead of ordering from 2 different places and paying 2 separate shipping? Thanks.

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well I added my shrimp after I added the fish, but I bet it wouldn't matter with the order, they just need to find each other. Marine depot may have the goby too, it says you need to confirm if they are availible.

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30.00 isn't bad for a yasha


atlantis has them for 60 ea 120 pair add 20 for a shrimp



Marine Depot has one for 49.00 and they may be able to get a Randalls Shrimp



the marine center has a shrimp goby pair listed for 69.00



have heard good things about atlantis and marine depot. Don't know TheMarineCenter

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My Yasa Hashe just dissapered. I introduced a mini purple reef lobster and he wen't back where the goby was. So when I woke up and turned the lights on the goby was in the front. Well he went into a small hole in a rock that I guess had some kind of tunnle in it. Well I have not seen him now in 2 days and I am starting to get worried he got stuck or something. Man, I hope not! But if that happened even worse he has to set in there and die in my tank. Will keep and eye out and hope for the best. I looked in there with a flash light today trying to find him. This sucks!!


And about the spike fin goby. I have one on order now!:) Online there like $150 shipped.

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rbaby, i would recommend getting an existing pair. ive heard people have luck or no luck pairing them up when getting them separetly.


i was able to get a pair from thatpetplace.com for $20. i initially fed mine frozen foods but now have acclimated him to formula 1 pellets. less polution and controlled feeding.


i have a hi fin goby paired with a randal pistol. but i never see the shrimp eat.


does anyone know if the goby acutally reeds the shrimp? the goby gets alot of food. does he regurtiate it for the shrimp?

ive had them for about 4 months now and shrimp is doing well , despite never seeing it get any food.

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My Goby came back out... He is not DEAD!...Yeah.:)


First time I have seen him since I put in my mini purple reef lobster. He was hiding in a rock.

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He is one small mini lobster, any smaller and I would have eggs. I know I will have to get rid of him later when he gets bigger but I have not heard many bad things about them at this size. The odds of him eating one of my fish are pretty small even as he gets a little larger. I just have to do some spot feeding for him to keep him happy.:) I also have a emerald crab and people have seem this do bad stuff but it's all about the odds. There not like ravage killers...lol


General Info:

Purple Reef Lobsters spend Daylight hours under rocky cover. They are primarily scavengers but may be harmful to small fish if not fed properly. Their bright purple and orange bodies are edged in thick, bristly hairs. These lobsters stay rather small and are safe for reef aquariums.


Food : meaty foods such as krill, shrimp, or shrimp pellets

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