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We've got a spike!!!


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I went home last night and checked the ammonia levels. The raw shrimp has been in there for two days and that did the trick! It has spiked to about 1.


Now I will start to check for nitrites, right??


I am running a penguin 170 with bio wheel. This is certainly stong enough, right??? My tank is a 10 gal with 10 lbs LR and 2 in sand bed.


I am hoping at the end of the weekend I can add some inverts. What do you all think????

Also... I am starting to see brown collect on my LR. Is this is diadoms that ppl speak of?????

Thanks for the input!:D

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I would hold off on the inverts. Once the ammonia spikes you will still see nitrites and nitrates go up and down.


In my experience, the cycle usually takes roughly a month and anything that goes in before the three wane could perish.


I know how hard it is to stare at the tank and see nothing but rock (at least you have rock, mine isn't coming until tomorrow so I just stare at my sand) but tossing in inverts now might just cause more death and prolong the cycle.


Patience Becky, Patience. All good things to those who wait.

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I was told it was ok to throw in blue leg crabs after the ammonia spikes, because they are pretty hardy. But if they are in danger of dying then I don't want to take that chance!!!


I know I know, patients!! ;)

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Read my post down aways that says "Am I progressing" from yesterday... read Jahkaya responce that relates to being able to add blue legs.

Thats why I though maybe it was ok. Of course I dont want to hurt anything tho.

Do you agree with his theory????

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As Always, Crakeur is right.


Any amount of Ammonia or Nitrites will stress or even kill inhabitants. Nitrates above 10-20 PPM can do the same. I threw my blue legs in on the last leg of the cycle (nitrites nearing zero, Nitrates on the rise) with no ill effects, but that does not mean I did not stress them. I, as most are, was a bit impatient and I had some Hair algea starting to grow(another sign Nitrates are rising). I understood the possible issues, but it sure nipped my hair algea in the bud, and the only hair algea I have in my tank is that which has come from other frags from other people on already on the LR. I hope that I did not mislead you in thinking that it is okay to put livestock in with nitrites in the water. Death can occur.


Looks Like I need another whoppin from Crak.


I am excited for you, though. Just a few more weeks!!!

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Its ok.

I am just greatful to learn from those who have been thro this and made errors and gains. Knowledge is most certainly the key in this hobby!

I don't want to be doing things wrong.

Thanks 2 both of you :))

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I guess even if they are hardy, it's like if you came over to my house and slapped me silly, I'd survive, but I wouldn't be too happy.



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