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Red sea max or JBJ 28HQI?


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I just finished downgrading my 54 gallon cause im getting ready to move. Which one should i go with? Im torn. both have advantages and weaknesses and i want those of you who own them to point them out. Oh just out of curiosity, Are the T5's that are come with the red sea max true T5's? Just wondering because if they are that would make my decision alot easier. Thanks in advance for any feedback.



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neither. just buy a glass tank and your own equipment. then you get all the pros with out the cons.


get a nice 30g oceanic cube or something and a 20" sunpod hqi. Maybe even a remora skimmer. it will cost you probably the same and you'll have a much better setup all around.

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No...they are not true T-5's. They are small diameter PC lights, on the Red Sea Max web site they even say (in the FAQ) they can be replaced with standard PC lamps.


Paste from http://www.redseamax.com/redseamax/Red_Sea_MAX_FAQ.html

Q: Can I use other light tubes instead?

A: Regular power compacts will work in the MAX, however due to their tube diameter and overall length it will be difficult to fit them inside the hood. We strongly recommend using only the custom made MAX tubes.

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