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Zoa question


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I just added my first zoas some niceGreen implosion frags. I was wondering its been about 2 days and only 2 or 3 polyps are open, is this normal? All my other corals have opened up pretty fully in the first few days after i put them in (green and yellow star polyps, kenya tree, and shrooms) but not these. Did i get a bad frag? They where open in the LFS i picked them up from.

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Sometimes zoas can be slow to open, but that usually happens when they've been shipped to you.


It's possible that they're just being slow to adjust to the lighting differences in your tank.


I don't where you have them right now, but you could try putting them on the bottom of the tank for a few days to help them adjust.

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I am assuming that your water parameters are ok. If they were shipped they could be stressed but 3 days is a long time for that. Make sure they are getting some flow, and look for something annoying it such as pods or nudi's.

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Water is fine and there set midway up my LR under 53wat PC lights in a 24 gallon AP. Dont see any nudi's but there

is a sea cucumber under the rock that is filter feeding next to the colony but i dont think he is touching any polyps. Here are a few shots of the tank. Still have abit of a diatom algea problem but the tanks only a 3 months old.





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I don't know for certain what's wrong with your zoas, but you'll get better responses if the photos are a part of the post and not simple text hyperlinks. People are lazy and don't like clicking links. Your image host doesn't make it particularly easy for you, and I'll walk you through how to do it. Other image hosts provide the IMG codes for BB posts, yours only provides code for a thumbnail.


1. click on your "zoa closeup" link that you provided in the previous post

2. right click on the image and select properties

3. In the properties window, highlight the URL for the image, right click and select copy

4. Paste into the post with "IMG" tags, as follows



The result of the above code is this:




Zoas can be pretty finicky when first introduced to a tank, and take a while to open up completely. Give them a few more days to get comfortable. Be on the lookout for any white fuzz, that indicates an immediate problem that should be addressed.


Edit - fixed instructions due to crappy thumnail providing image host.

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Thanks so much for the picture posting info! I am new to useing forums and still getting the hang of it. What site do you use for hosting you pictures? What is the white fuzz your speaking of, zoa disease?

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I used to use photobucket.com until I filled my account. Now I use tinypic.com


The only problem with tinypic is that you dont' have an account or an album to keep track of your photos. If you're like me and only post a pic once, then that's not a problem. If you ever want to post the same pic again, you can just upload it again, no big deal. There is no account, and no upload limit.


The white fuzz is a fungus.

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