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DIY HOB Fuge + Skimmer for AP24


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I am looking to make a HOB fuge + Skimmer for my Aquapod 24gal. I want the whole thing to be the width and height of my tank so that its not 'truly' HOB but it rests on the back of my stand.


After reading the entire "Wetworx Nano-skimmers" thread I want to go with the recirc design that UTR made... Now I actually want to build this 'into' the fuge so its basically AIO.


Here is the basic fuge setup I want to follow:



Now in the skimmer thread UTR states that the recirc skimmer uses about 50gph of flow, so I think I would be able to have 3 chambers. The first chamber would be where the water is pumped into the unit (I want to be able to house some filter media here to save clutter in my rear chambers). This chamber would overflow into the skimmer, I assume this would be at roughly the rate of 50gph (I want to try and avoid a pump just pumping into the skimmer). Then finally the skimmers outlet would flow into the final chamber which would be the actual fuge for my LR Rubble, cheto etc..


Here is a MSPaint drawing of what I mean... in no way to scale :P


the pump on the right side of the skimmer should be the MJ1200 I realized after uploading it that it looks kind of weird but thats the recirc pump and the tube going up would be the standpipe overflowing into the final chamber


And this is the recirc skimmer diagram I am going off of



Any insight anyone can give as to whether this would actually work or not? I am not near my tank right now so I cannot draw up anything with precise measurements for the back of my tank. But when I am at home I will draw up something more to scale.



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