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Musho3210's First 20 Gallon Reef Log


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Hello, well a bit about how i started first.


On december 2006 my mom and i went to petsmart to buy dog stuff. As a joke i said "how about i get a fish tank for christmas" she very quickly said no. Well after the joke i thought about it and more and more i really did want a fish tank. So i brought up the topic a lot. We went to petsmart again another day and i was able to convince my mom to buy a fish tank. Oh boy was i excited, i planned freshwater of course. I bought a top-fin starter kit and a tank stand. The top fin kit included a top-fin 20 power filter, NO (normal output) fluorescent lights, and an all glass aquarium heater. I got all the equipment i needed including a book. I then joined a forum. Learning a lot of things i ended up buying more stuff for my tank since the original things i bought were no use. Mainly leaving the top-fin area for the more popular seachem and aquarium pharmacueticals etc. I upgraded my heater to a visi-therm stealth, i upgraded my filter to a bio-wheel, but i kept the lights. I upgraded my test strips to liquid tests. Not really paying attention i accidentally bought a reef test kit. Upon realising this at home i felt really bad since i felt that i wasted my moms money after all she had spent on me to start a new hobby. Very depressed i moved on without a liquid test kit. Then we got a coupon from petco where the liquid test kit was on sale and bought it then. After i bought the kit i started to want to upgrade tanks to a 55 gallon. I thought after i upgraded i would use the 20 gallon as a reef tank so that reef test kit wont go to waste. I started researching early january. I finally upgraded my freshwater tank to a 75 gallon and the 20 gallon was empty. I started buying equipment:



20H gallon tank

100w Visi-therm Heater

Tunze Nano DOC skimmer

1 Maxi-jet 1200 with Flo attachment

150 watt 14,000k MH lamp (sunpod)

Milwaukee instruments refractometer

25-30 pounds live rock

0-10 pounds base rock depending what would look good in my tank

20-30 pounds Carib-Sea Ooltic sugar grade aragonite sand, not live, aiming for 2.5 inches

Reef Crystals Salt

Melevs reef RO/DI unit

Garlic Guard

Omega one saltwater flake food


garlic guard

API reef master test kit

API saltwater master test kit


Kent turbo calcium

Kent marine buffer



I have everything there right now and will take a group picture of it all.


Here is what i plan on having as livestock



2 O. Clownfish

10+ Blue Legged hermit crab, amount will depend on how much algae i have

6+ Astraea Conehead Snail, amount will depend on how much algae i have

6+ Nassarius Snails, amount will depend on how much algae i have

1-2 Peppermint shrimp OR Scarlet Skunk Cleaner

0-1 Emerald Crab, amount will depend on how much algae i have

Mushroom corals

Polyp corals

Lots of LPS (want it to be an lps dominated tank)

Maxima or crocea clam

May include some macro algae.

Various hitchhikers i will be expecting from the live rock



So here is the start of my reef log, i will set up my RO filter tomorrow and my tank will get filled up tomorrow.

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Installed the RO/DI filter, flushed the first 5 gallons. TDS readings are:


Before RO - 187

After RO - 008

After DI - 001

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Sounds like your off to a good start.. I wish my parents would have let me upgraded my freshwater tank when it started to crack.



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Some long awaited pics...



Tank and stand




Protein skimmer: Tunze nano DOC 9002




Heater: Visi-therm stealth 100 watt heater




Maxi-jet 1200




Light: 150 watt sunpod 24"




RO/DI unit:




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