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Chiller for a 6g nanocube?


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Been running my 3.18 since October of 05 and always seemed to have had temp. problems. Usually the tank gets to 80F during the day and during the night to about 77-78F. These last few weeks i've been hitting 84F and i'm worried its going to get mighty toasty in the tank for my critters. I usually leave the feeding lid open for evaporative cooling, which helps greatly. I have my A/C set to 75, but the room gets a tad warmer than that. Anything I can add? The ICA seems like it would be nice, but I can't seem to figure if it would fit a 6g tank. I considered a sep. chiller, but unsure which to get (1/15hp perhaps?). I upgraded the stock pump(forgot which one, but it is larger than the 606... pushes a TON of water... maybe I should stick with the 606 since I dont use a hydroflo)






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