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Bleached Rics


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I got some green ones from a bad gb a few weeks ago and they are basicaly white. Is there a way to get color back into them. I have a stock 14 Bio-Cube.


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whats gb?


they'll come back after a while...but since its bleached it must be that the ricordea had too much light exposed on it. u can try starting it at a bottom and work your way up inch by inch every week.


the other reason is that it was under a lot of stress before from add water or a none stable ecosystem. and again only time will heal it.

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GB= Group Buy, Thanks! I put them in a cave so we will see what happens. They were apparently harvested a few days before they arrived to me. Who knows though the establishment that we ordered from seems to be iffy.

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I doubt it was too much light... likely just stress or light depravation from a long shipping process that caused the bleaching.


What kinda of Ricordeas are we talking about?


I've had Florida rics that had fallen deep into the rockwork for weeks bleach out. They can take a long time to recover, but do. Florida rics are fairly hardy.

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