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I think my finger coral has cancer


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Yesterday about 12 hr ago I noticed a brown/black area on the center of my finger leather (I think that is its name) But this morning it appears that the spot has spread. What should I do? Cut off the effected branches? how do I do that? It has been in my tank for approx 6 months and has been doing fine until yesterday. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



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fingers can be quite finicky. ive heard reports of people having one for months or even a year and then it suddens goes south on them...usually turning black and witherning to their death. I can only assume that this is due to either a lack of proper nutrients in the tank or another water quality issue that we may not even know about or understand.


Id have to say that Ive never seen anything like that legion before on a finger leather; i dont have any soild advice for ya, except to research leather diseases in depth.


put it in QT if possible. good luck.

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