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Nano-Cube or Red Sea Max?


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Hi guys, I started in this hobby with a lowly 12-gallon Nano-Cube. Now, after a couple of years of keeping a 75-gallon, I've decided to go back. The new 28-gallon Nano-Cube sounds awesome, but a friend pointed out the Red Sea Max, and it looks really nice, too. Has anyone here seen them both and care to offer an opinion on either? Unfortunately I don't live near any dealers, so I would most likely be buying the tank sight unseen, so any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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snake plissken

seems like everybody makes the comment about the RSM being overpriced. so they buy a cheaper tank and then spend a few hundred $ to upgrade the lighting, add a protein skimmer, etc...

at that point you could have bought a RSM with a protein skimmer built in and 110W power comact lighting lighting. as if you had not guessed, i have the RSM and have not had to do any upgrades. Reefers love to bash the built in Red Sea skimmer, but after two months of "breaking in" it is filling up the cup with skimmate. what else do you want it to do?!?!?


I love the design and that it is a true all in one...a very efficient tank

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I'd get anything that came with HQI lighting over an RSM. 110w for 34 gallons w/a depth of like 18"? Weak Sauce IMO.

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I'd have to agree, 110 watts on the 34 gallon tank is OK for corals but with a name like MAX, I think they should have put in a HQI...

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keep in mind that with the new HQI Nano you will need a chiller. Not sure about the RSM, although I did see one in person and was really put off by the stand. Reminded me of a bank machine (nothing personal to anyone who has one)

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I have the Red Sea Max and think its great although I will be upgrading the lighting and then will have to get a chiller. Since I like a bit of a Blue look I decided to replace the PC's that came with it to one complete blue and one half white and half blue which didn't turn out like I thought it would, now it kind of has a purple look to it instead of blue :angry:

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I have found what looks to be a better option - I think it is shipping this week. Let me know what you all think.


34G 150w HQI 2 x 24w actinic T5 refugium


*150w 20,000k with 2 x 24w Actinics supplements

* (2) LED 2 watt moonlights.

*Full size refugium on back. Does not include refugium substrate.

*Comes in black Cell-Cast acrylic background (oscillator retrun nozzle optional).

* Refugium Dimensions 23" x 4" x 18.5"

* Flip-up hinged tank mounts.

* Separate T5 light strip for refugium.

* Signature Polished and mitred edges with Extra thick 7mm thick glass.

* Seamless curved front panel. * Super slim sleek profile Light design at only 2.5" height.

* 3 separate circuits and switches for complete automatic and manual control for each T5 bulb, LED moonlights and Halide lights. Easily compatible with all kinds of timers.

* 6.25" x 4" x 18.5" chamber for wet-dry or Protein skimmers (fits Tunze nano, AquaC Nano Remora skimmers etc.).

* Direct flow bottom return kit (Oscillator optional)

Glass Canopy comes standard.




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