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HOB macro algae refugium even worth it for a 40 breeder?


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I'm starting a 40 breeder after moving and tearing down my 90 (full setup with sump, Deltec skimmer, tunze streams, calcium reactor, etc). I really don't want a sump, I'm just trying to keep this tank simple after a few years of complicated setups. I bought the Tunze Nano reefpack 200 skimmer/filter, and I was considering adding a HOB refugium. The one I was looking at was the large CPR or the Sapphire one without the skimmer. The question is, is this small amount of water volume in a fuge even going to make a difference on a 40 gallon tank? I'd mainly use it with chaeto to reduce nitrates, but I would also like the benefits of having a place for pod production. If it's not going to do much, I can just spend the money elsewhere.

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I ended up complicating things and going with a sump. I'll end up with about a 4.7g refugium area in the sump which will be just for macro. I'll still tempted to get the HOB refugium and fill it with live rock and have a nice pod factory right on the back of the tank.

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