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Frogspawn - Scientific Name


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I dont think youre going to be able to do better than Euphillia sp. and common name frogspawn. The torchs frogs and hammers are all able to crossbreed (from what ive heard) and there really is no definition anymore

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+1 for Mdeth. for many of the corals we see, it is nearly impossible to narrow it down to the species... sometimes not even the genus. call it a euphyllia or call it a frogspawn and leave it at that.

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:/ As long as it looks pretty F-it. Euphyllids are one of my favorite corals for bigger tanks! Just get a single head of every color and polyp shape you can find.


Then you can brag about how you have every euphyllia species :)

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^ +1


That pic in the original post looks just like a frogspawn to me... some of them just have different colors. I think a purple tipped frogspawn is still the same species as a green-tipped frogspawn...


If you want a specific color, you'll just have to call around and hunt for awhile.

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i knew it was a type of frogspawn, just didn't know if they had different classifications.... guess they are all frogspawns, they all look a bit different...thanks

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