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10 gallon questions


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I'm working on my first reef tank after many years of freshwater. Here are the stats:


10 gallon

AC 110 filter with rubble in it, also a stocking of Renew and cuprisorb, just in case

80 watts compact flor 50/50

~10 lbs of cured live rock

Fine 'live' sand from a bag


The tank has been up for about 3 months now with the following crew:


7-8 astrea snails- I think this is probably too many, but some 'followed me home' on live rock

7 tricolor hermits - Loving these guys, worth the tank already

1 small crab - I believe an Asian shore crab, long story on that guy.

I think there is a tiny brittle star in there somewhere as well as a tiny starfish. Should I snag and remove the starfish next time I see him?


Tank now has the following corals:

-Christmas tree rock (porites with tubeworms) Yeah, I went with what the conscientious marine aquarist said on this and I may be into trouble, but so far so good.

-Small Zoo

-Green Frogspawn (I'm thinking I'll keep this for now in hopes the clownfish will like it and just keep the other corals in the other end of the tank. Once my coral appetite outgrows the other end of the tank, I'll trade or swap it for something else less aggro.)



My ideas on future stocking are:

-1 clown, oc. or perc. Anyone have an opinion on which is nicer? I'm hoping she may host in the frogspawn or I may get him a leather coral. DH really wants a clown.

-2 neon blue gobies?

-1 skunk shrimp? Or an anenome shrimp?

-Softies, polyps, mushrooms, etc. Anyone got favorites?

I'm trying to do tank-bred fish, though this is very limiting. Hmmmmm Royal Grammas are sooo tempting, but of course that would have to be without either the clown or the gobies. Wish I could get them tank bred.


I'm also eyeing the maidenhair plant. Anyone have any experience with this or other plants? Would it work in the tank, or should it only be in a fuge? I assume I'd have to keep it trimmed back from the corals. I'm thinking of modifying the AC eventually into a fuge. It seems like an 'easy' way to help keep the tank going well. If I go with a Fuge, should I use mud or just more rubble?


Appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc. Love to hear about other people's favorites and tricks of the trade. I'll post pics soon. I'm already thinking my next tank will be bigger so I can get a 6 line wrasse. They are so personable. Thanks!



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Few ques/ concerns: Fine sand- how fine? You don't want compaction and hydrogen sulfide! (turns sand black/ brown) If it is your average "aragonite live sand" you are fine... you don't want the stuff that is the consistincy of confectioner's sugar though. Nor do you want crushed coral.

I'd watch the crab with the coral... he may go snip snip one day :lol:

star: pic? Should be OK, but if you are unsure, toss em!


Fish sound ok, but

Are you skimming? Weekly water changes?

That would decide it.


Go for the skunk- he will be VERY interesting to watch!


Coral= all fine... also: acans, plates, pallys, gsp, xenia, anthellia, toadstools, favia, etc...(what I have and all doing good)




Fuge: I would go rubble... cleaner ;) Get some Cheato too! (Where are you located??)




Have fun and good luck! AGAIN, :welcome:


Ask away!!!

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Get rid of any starfish in a nano like G4 said :)


The clown + 2 neon gobies will be fine if you keep up your waterchanges

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Thanks for the welcome and advice. I've been lurking for awhile. Trying to take things slow with the tank.


No, the sand isn't that fine, more like sugar grains than powdered. It is the oolite type, Carrib sea I think was the brand. And it is a very thin layer. Should I get something to stir the sand? If so, what?


No skimmer yet (not much room for one with the giant AC! lol I'm doing about a gallon w/c a week.


Yeah, I am keeping an eye on the crab, but he was there with the zoos for quite awhile and seems to be OK with em. I haven't seen the stinging tentacles of the frogspawn yet, even when checking at night...


If I see/catch mr starfish, I'll take a pic. I assume the tiny brittle star is ok? He came in on the LR and I've heard they are good for the tank.


I'm in CA, bay area. Havent' seen any chaeto yet. Any thoughts on the maidenhair as a decoration?



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Oh, and I am feeding the tube/chrismas tree worms, and hopefully the zoos with a tiny bit of Phytomax. I just touch the dropper to the bottom of a cup (so as to get less than a measured 'drop'). How often should I be doing this? At the moment I'm going with a couple of times a week. Should I do anything additional to feed the frogspawn?





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I got a xenia and a skunk shrimp. Yeah! That shrimp is like an explosion in a whisker factory!


Was tempted by another Chrismas Tree rock, but I'm going to hold off until I'm sure I'm doing OK with the one I have. How can I tell when the porites on it is healthy? One end is lighter in color and the other the polyps are more extended, more 'fuzzy' with less space in between, so the rock is darker. Which is the 'healthy' sign? I'm wondering if the light side is getting too much light. The Christmas Tree worms themselves seem to be OK.


BTW, I was showing my tank to a friend who is a non-reefer and he wanted to know about barnacles in the aquarium. I told him I'd never seen any live ones for sale anywhere, but I don' t know why. Any thoughts? Are they just too hard to keep alive? Do they prefer colder water? Are they just super invasive? Just curious and my friend keeps asking, he has an affection for barnacles I guess. We went to the beach today and he was trying to convince me to bring home some of the barnacles, limpets, and snails we saw there. We also saw some cute little native gobies. But I left them all where they were since I suspect they won't like a warm tank. :)


I'm thinking of ordering my neon gobies online from LiveAquaria.com and adding some corals and such to the order. any suggestions for cool things (corals, inverts) to add from there? I hope it is a good company.




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