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will Banded Coral Shrimp harm Cleanup Crew?


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My tank finished cycling a week ago. As of today, the tank is 3 weeks old and i currently have a cleanup crew consisting of;


3 Astrea Snails

3 Nerite Snails

1 Margarita Snail

3 Tongan Nassarius Snails

2 Scarlet Reef Hermits

2 Blue Dwarf Hermits


My water parameters are;


Salinity - 1.0255

Ammonia - 0

Nitrite - 0

Nitrate - >5

pH - 7.9


Would I be ok adding a Banded Coral Shrimp? Are my nitrates low enough for the shrimp? (i've read that theyre sensitive to nitrates) Will the shrimp kill/eat any of my cleanup crew?

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The shrimp like any other shrimp can become a pest if there's nothing in the tank to put them in their place. They will kill just about anything they can over power. I had a cleaner shrimp and peppermints that pulls hermits out of their shells after they molt to eat. Oh and i feed the tank daily so they are just evil.

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