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20 Long.... Reborn!


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OOOOO!... those sound perty Diane! Post a pic! Hey... speakin of which, do you have a thread for your tank? Would love to get a FTS of it! You have to be like one of the most knowledgable people I've read on here and I bet your tank is amazing!


Well... I'm sure everything at least is positively I.D.ed :) lol


...And from what I saw of these in his tank... they look like a Galaxy LSP.. dark with very florecent green tips!

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Oky doky, here is a new FTS with the GSP and hammer added... not sure I am happy with their positions right now...





Sorry that my photography sucks. :(

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OOOOO!... those sound perty Diane! Post a pic! Hey... speakin of which, do you have a thread for your tank? Would love to get a FTS of it! You have to be like one of the most knowledgable people I've read on here and I bet your tank is amazing!


Well... I'm sure everything at least is positively I.D.ed :) lol


...And from what I saw of these in his tank... they look like a Galaxy LSP.. dark with very florecent green tips!


Welllllllll...no. I don't have a tank thread. Mostly because my tank is not all that beautiful...I usually joke that the sum of the parts is more than the whole. Which results in the fact that I concentrate on the inhabitants more than the overall aesthetics, so I tend to post more often in the various livestock forums, esp. corals and inverts, though I got a bit active in the fish forum when my gobies started breeding.


I have been wanting to have a thread to post various things in, though, primarily progress shots of various inhabitants over time...so maybe I will take your prodding as an impetus to finally get around to it. (And so that I won't hijack your thread by posting my pics here.)


As to knowledgable--I have no idea what Galaxy LSP are! What I know I know, and what I don't I try to keep quiet about! That, and I'm a wonk for collecting books & pertinent websites... :D



Oky doky, here is a new FTS with the GSP and hammer added... not sure I am happy with their positions right now...



Sorry that my photography sucks. :(


It looks great to me. How about some close-ups of the new additions?



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I will try when I get home tonight! The batteries died in my camera after a couple of shots. If I remember to pick some up I will post a couple of close-ups for ya.


And I meant Galaxy LPS... dyslexia runs stong in me... kinda like the force but more annoying. :)


Here is a link to one on Mr. Coral



Sorry for the free advertisement...

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Wow, your Hammer Coral is AMAZING!! I wish I had one like it lol. How much was it? And I love the shape...especially how it's branching, but that the "hammer" extend the whole length of it.


LOVE IT! cool tank, btw.

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Here are a couple pics of the Hammer...


A close up



And the entire coral



The GSP did not come out today as I moved it again. Think it might be too close to the Hammer now though so I may move it again when lights go out.

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Thank you so much Diane! I moved the hammer and the GSP apart now so neither is liking things too well at the moment. But if everything perks up tomorrow when I get home I will post a FTS.


What would you suggest my next coral purchase be?


So far I have:


Bright green Zoas


Crocea clam (ok not a coral but takes up real estate and has to be taken into account when deciding on what to put next to it)


3 small mushrooms in different places. (they hate me for getting the new lights!)


Hammer (softball sized when full)


And a big colony of GSP.



I'm thinking I want some more colorful Zoas... but all LFS are SOOOOOO drab and ugly and shipping charges from online orders is KILLER!! yikes.

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Well, I see open areas of sand like you have and I think of the sorts of things I'd love to have but couldn't squeeze in sideways--open brains and plates. And I think both types of blastos come in beautiful colors, but they're not that "in," now, so I'd guess they may be less expensive than they used to be...


I've also recently developed an eye for gorgs, mostly because they add such a different, pretty line to a tank...


But those are MY tastes! You've had a tank before--I'm sure you have lots of other ideas. :D



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I think I would like a nice maze or brain. I think open brain's are kinda well ugly..lol for lack of better word.


I would LOVE some Rics!!! Wish I knew someone who had pretty Zoa eating ones that I could talk into selling some / fraggin some.... hint hint.. lol


Just think.. it would clear up some space for that Gorg! :D


I think I would like some Montis too...


Not really sure at this point though so i am gonna be picky and take it slow. :)

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LOL! Obviously, I love rics...but I may be needing to thin some of them out soon...


(RE the brains...just goes to show how tastes differ, I guess. I like the maze ones, too, but really like the opens...to each his own! Oooh, and Montis are cool!)



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My GSP still have not come out but once since I got them. Think I will do a water change tomorrow nights.. Best get to mixin.


In the meantime here is shot of the left side of my tank... The Hammer is loving its new spot. Think I'll leave him there. front and center. :)



Dont mind the dirty glass. :blush:



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Well.... my GSP STILL have not come out. :o


Going to do that water change this weekend and see if that helps. Readings are fine though.


I dont have any direct flow on them.. have a powerhead above them pointed upwards and over so its hitting the glass and causing non-directional current.


Cant figure out why they are being so shy.


Any Ideas??

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NEW pic of my Hammer taken tonight... The GSP are still a no show although the very tips of them are starting to peek out so.. am hoping for the best soon! I'll post a FTS when they do.. in the mean time here is the hammer!





Its really starting to color up nicely!! And ever since I switched to MH I've seen a TON of purple growth on my rocks. Lovin it!

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IME gsp can be quite crotchety. :D But generally still tough, i.e., never likely to fade away like some things (Xenia!) can seem to do for no reason whatsoever. (It either does that or grows like kudzu...)


I'm betting yours is going to eventually come out and be fine from that point forward--at least until you annoy it again, when it might go back into mope-mood for a while. And I don't think water changes will have had anything to do with it!



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OK looks like the GSP are starting to come out and play! WOO! They are not fully extended yet but each day a little more... so they are slowly getting over their pouting. :D


Here they are...





And as promised... a new FTS.



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Changed the water tonight so the glass is a little dirty from the cloudy water settling but here is a shot of the right side.




Interesting things I have noticed about my nano is the crocea clam seems to like to sit longways instead of facing the front of the tank like in the picture. Over the course of a week or two he will slowly turn clockwise until he is longways. I actually caught him one time scooting himself in his own way on the rock.. Was SO cool looking! lol it looked like he was choking and gasping for water or something and it was like his hinge at the bottom came undone and he spread it out REAL wide then scraped it down into the rock like he was scratching himself. (its-self?) lol


Also my noticed my clownfish is torn between shyness and wanting to host in the Hammer. He hovers around the rock that sits behind it and seems to afraid to get too far away from his favorite hiding spot. I dont think I have ever seen a clownfish so shy before. Guess because during the day there is so little traffic in my office until I get home at night.


I would like to add another fish but have always been afraid he would be too aggressive, but he may be timid enough that it wont be an issue if I get a big enough fish.


Savin up the reef funds so you guys can look at something new! :lol:

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Nice view! The gsp are really coming along.


Very interesting observation about the crocea! I'm wondering--do you suppose it prefers to be oriented a specific way in relation to the current at its site? I.e., maybe it wants to be either parallel or perpendicular to the water flow for the sake of its incurrent siphon... Just a thought. I've never had a clam myself!


You probably know this, but the best way to make a shy fish less so is to accustom it to feeding...


That said, maybe while the clown is shy is the best time to introduce any other fish you might want!



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ALRIGHT Juin!!!!!! Awesome! I cant believe how much healthier all my things are now and how much better they look!


I know that coraline algae is supposed to prefer dimmer light but ever since I went to MH it too has really taken off!


Your gonna love the switch!


And thanks on the clam!


C est ma... Thats a good theory... I have been thinking light and such.. never considred flow. hmmm..


Also there is NOTHING timid about my clown during feeding time!!... he frequently tangles with my coral banded shrimp over choice morsels. :D


Never seen a coral banded shrimp as agressive as mine. He will make threatening postures at my hand during cleaning. lol its fun to watch. He DID come up and clean my hand one day though, just like a pepperment shrimp would. :)

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fraggle rockette

great thread!


it's nice to see someone taking the time and asking themselves good questions when purchasing livestock on here for a change- lol. i have no doubt that your tank will be sucessfull! i am in love with 20Ls, so i'll be watching. :happy:


p.s. did you get a galaxy? i had one for 2 or so weeks before it went to the LFS- a pita. worse than flowerpot corals imo, but then again, i've never had trouble w/ those and my clowns even host mine and annoy it non-stop! lol.

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Thank you fraggle! I took a look at your tank today... WOW. Love it! Would like to see what you did with a 20L :)


I never did get a galaxy yet. I know a guy who has a decent sized one for sale for 45 bucks but I think I am gonna save up and get a bunch of Zoas to add some color. I have alot of green in my tank already, even have some green coraline growing along with my purples and pinks. So I dont think I want the galaxy that he has. Very dark and neon greens.


Its according to how much I am willing to save up before I give in and buy more. :lol:


Ok here is a top down shot I took tonight. Not the best shot as my light was glaring like crazy but I did have the smarts to turn off my water flow. hehe




A 20L being..well....long, I wasnt able to get everything in on one shot without removing the light out of the way which would have defeated the purpose. lol


My clam is LOVIN the nice 175w 14k glow just inches away from its face. :D


Speaking of which, my clam has something growing on its shell. Its lights out already so I dont have a shot. I will try to get one tomorrow. Looks like a small not even 1/4 inch tall tapered tube of some sort.


It doesn't seem to bother him but it HAS gotten bigger since I've had the clam. Will have to keep an eye on it and post a pic in the ID thread soon.

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Diane's magnifying glass technique has inspired me to look around the house and experiment with various lenses to get some macro shots.


The magnifying glasses that I bought were horribly sub-par and just weren't doing the job, so I decided to try the lens off of my Cannon Rebel SLR camera. Wasn't having much luck until I turned it around backwards. Somehow the focal lengths from it being backwards and my Powershot a520 worked out pretty good.


The pics are a little blurry but they are SOOOO macro! More than I could have imagined! Its hard holding both the lens and my camera steady and at the right distance from each other to get a shot.


And another drawback is things have to be very close to the glass to get a good shot. I just experimented tonight with a couple of things that happened to be close like my Hammer and a tiny little mushroom but I'm still fairly pleased with the shots! :) Not professional by any means but not bad.


Here is my Hammer



And a couple of the mushroom





I will work on gently moving my Zoas over close to the glass to get them tomorrow night maybe! :)


Hope you like!

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