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Sunpod 150w


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I finally got my Sunpod for my 24G NC

after 2 weeks of shipping!!! :angry:


but it's worth it :D






2 things:

-what are my choices as far as corals and maybe an anemone?

-for some reason when i try and plug it into my digital timer, the timer resets??? :huh:

has this happened to anyone else??? what should i do?

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Deffinately and A#@ PILE of sand...


But you didn't want to hear that...


I have the same light on my BC29 and love it. You can keep just about anything with it. Softies, LPS, SPS, Clams (my next purchase) just get to know each of their lighting and flow requirements and place them appropriately in your tank.


As far as Anems are concerned you could keep a Carpet, BTA's and such... the thing about them is you need an established tank. At least 6 months and you don't want to stock to heavily before you get one. Most Anems will not stay where you put them. They will up and walk to where ever they like and usually settle in. Even then they can get up and move again. The problem with that is that they will sting and reap havock on anything in it's path. (That's why you deffinately don't want to add one to fully stocked tank) Another thing to consider, as cool as they are, they grow fast. I got a RBTA the size of a baseball and in no time he had about a 12" diameter when he extended. I wound up selling it to another reefer here that had a larger set up.

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I really like SPS

so what are some good ones to start w/



I just got my first two ... I started with a Monti and a Green Slimer. I've had them about 5 days now and they are both doing great. I started them out low and moved them up yesterday.

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