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red scooter blenny turning blue-purple and underbelley turns bright yellow


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my red scooter blenny turns all of his white spots into a blue-purple florucent like color and its belley turns a bright yellow. Is this normal and also what causes this odd but interesting thing to happen? I tried to take a pic of it when it is blue but it get scared and all of his blue parts turn back to the normal white and its belley turns back white

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Mine does that when he is trying to intimidate me. The red on his body goes pale and his head colors up. He usually flares his display fin also.

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He's holding his breath because he wants a bigger tank :)


Many fish (bi-color blennies come to mind) can change coloration to express ...well something

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I prefer to think I'm magic...end of story :)


But seriously OP, many fish can change color temporarily to show mood...mating...etc.


Look up some mandarin mating pictures! They can change all crazy :)

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