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hi i have a 6gal (28L) and was wondering what cuc i should get as well as fish and if it was posable to fit an Anemone in?


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With good lighting, you could keep a Rock Flower Anemone but there wouldn’t be room left over for very many corals. These aren’t host anemones, but the tank is too small for a clownfish anyway.


Not many fish would thrive is a tank that small. A Yellow Clown Goby might work; however, you could decide to go fishless and stock inverts like shrimp and fan worms.


As for a cleanup crew, I’d consider: a Scarlet Reef Hermit, a Dwarf Blue Let Hermit, and a few snails (like a Bumble Bee, a Cerith, a Nassarius, and an Astraea Snail). You’ll need some extra snail shells or the hermit crabs will be more likely to kill your snails for their shells.

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Here is link to the famous 7g bowfront tank with red anemone: Bonsai Reef.

The fish could be 1-1.5" gobies, some of them colorful, you can check liveaquaria.com - gobies.

Cucumber - not much grazing space for sand-sifting cucumber, may be filter feeding, like Colochirus robustus, link, link, or Pentacta anceps, but this last can grow 3" (7 cm) long. Both require significant amount of the fine food, that may compromise water quality and will require a good skimmer to keep it within limits.


Nano-cubes with mostly corals look quite good: here is xenia forest cube, or compositiom of white-red-green bright colors, same - one year later. Even picos look very rich: the Brandon's one, Ann's, and they are much smaller. Like the ideas.

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Do check on other threads here concerning tanks around your size. You will find many variant treatments. For instance, I have a breeding pair of green-banded gobies in my 5.5g.



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I have a 6 gallon NC and have greenbanded gobies also. Along with 3 Sexy shrimp, Pom Pom crab and tiny pistol shrimp.

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+1 for gobies and/or various ornamental shrimp/crabs. I would only put a single goby in a 6gal tank though.


do not put a cucumber in that tank. it will starve to death and if it a toxic kind (most are) it will crash the tank. Dont get the filter feeding kind because i doubt you could manage to feed it as much as it needs without crashing your tank just from leftover food. plus pretty much all of the filter feeding cukes are toxic.


i would not personally put an anemone in that small a tank. look around and you'll find that there are still MANY options left that can fit in your tank as far as corals go. My mum still thinks my duncanopsammia is an anemone.

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