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Post your DIY storage reservoirs!


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I've been trying to find... just the right storage reservoir for my RO unit to feed into. It's hard! Home Depot has nothing, the Container Store has nothing.


I need something from 10-15 gallons, with a sealable top, preferably it'll be square or rectangular. Has to fit on top of a refrigerator, and I have to be able to put a bulkhead into it.


So what sorts of containers do you guys use?

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Well, it sure isn't DIY, but you can get anything you can imagine in a container from US Plastic, assuming you don't mind throwing some money at it.


Wow, look at all of them!! :D


I sure do hate the idea of mail-ordering a frigging plastic container, but that place is plastic heaven.

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stoney waters
how much are u guys finding the sprayer tanks for? cheapest i can find is $70


I paid around that for mine. We use RO for other things besides fish. My wife uses it to wash whites because of our crappy well water. We also use it for cooking and ice, so the investment was worth it.






A couple coats of Krylon and its good to go. :)

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