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Blasto fraggin


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I have a question, I want to know how early or late do i need to wait to frag blasto wellsi. I have a couple of singles that are mounted on disks or rocks, and the 3 that i have, all have 3 babys growing out of the sides of them. The babbies are getting close to the size of a dime when they are opened up. Some are smaller. I have read that a careful hand and a dremel works well, are there any other ways to do it on the small baby blastos?



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Wellsi is a bit more tricky than merletti. I would wait a while longer. I can't give you a specific size/time that would be appropriate for fragging, as there isn't one, that I know of. However, if you can safely cut between the polyps without damaging them, you can probably do it.

Yes, a dremmel works great. Use the cutting disk.

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something that works well with acan lords is to cut out a path with an exacto knife and then place a chisel where the path was started and hit it with a hammer, very accurate. I don't see how this wouldn't work since the skeletal structures of acans, micros and blasto's are all pretty similar. I've always been too afraid to frag my blasto's, they're my babies... I'll get a crappy colony someday and try it out. maybe my lfs will let me play with a dying colony, if they EVER get blasto's in again!!! >:(

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I have taken them with a diamond wheel--and as long as most of the mouth made it---the wellsi grew and puffed back up. They are strong. Just try to use something you feel comfortable and accurate using.

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