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24g Nano Cube


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24g NC DX

Stock lighting (soon to be 150w sunpod)

Surface skimmer

Maxi-jet 900 w/hydor+ Maxi-jet 600

Fuge mod in 2nd chamber w/ rubble and purigen

ordered a light for the fuge.

when i get the light i'm going to move the cheato to the back


Comments? Sugestions?

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the hydor is just the "wave maker" i don't think it adds any more movement? but the 900 does 230gph

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ohh, yea i heard the hydor makes it go in every direction and adds more, yea i have a 900 too. im not sure whats the turn over though, but im just wondering cause SPS need 60x turnover, and im wondering how much a 900 has


ps. you have so many snails. :D

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oh i didn't know that i adds any.....

but i thought SPS needs only around 20-30x turnover


Ps. most of the shells are empty ones i added :)

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I like it. My first rockscape was a cove formation like that and it was my favorite. Should look real nice with clean glass.

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If possible, I would move the bright purple rock on the right side to another spot. It seems like it's just sticking out and out of place.


And break out the broom, that tank needs some scrubbing.

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just keeping you guys updated



i really like the aquascaping! :D




-Emerald Crab


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Nice. Is there room on the right front side to keep the glass clean or is that one rock too close? How long have you had it up and running?

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oh just as a idea of where i started........





i think i've improved a little :D


Spanko: there is a little bit of room, but since the corners are rounded it's really hard to scrap the glass. and it's been running for 4 months


I thought i should show u some close ups of my corals:


Toadstool Leather




Watermelon Zoo's




Fire & Ice Zoo's







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well if anyone is reading this......


my sand is now covered in orangeish algea, which pretty much happened over night.......

what could be wrong?

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well i guess i'm talking to myself...... :(


but i decided i would lower the lighting period and that seemed to help alot.



I am still not sure if i should get another fish???

currently have:

-sixline wrasse

-scooter blenny

-blue chromis :angry: (trying to get rid of it but not sure, all i know is the old net trick lol)



Also i'm torn on what corals i should add:



i would love some good ideas

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So you've been up for 4 months or so, you have upgraded your lights, seems like a good start. The orangeish algae could be cyano bacteria. Do a search for it and see what contributes to it's growth. You want to get this under control before adding much.

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thank you


i finished my ghetto fuge mod in the back today!!! i'm so excited to finally move my cheato from the display to the back! :D

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You might try to add some phosguard to one of the back chambers to get rid of any phosphates in your tank that might be causing the cyano outbreak

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