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My 3 gallon


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Here's my new 3 gallon tank..almost a week old..




I was wondering if anyone has some ideas for some livestock?


First, I need a clean up crew..do you think 2 turbo snails will do? How about a hermit crab?


I would really like to get a fish in there, but the tank might be too small for that. Any suggestions if I should put a fish in there, if so, what kind would be best?


Any ideas as for some easy to keep corals too? I was thinking some gsp and a few mushrooms. By the way, I have a 50/50 18w pc on the tank.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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2 Turbos would be to much. They are just so big and will knock alot of your pieces over. Your aquascaping looks great though.

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Very nice start!


For CUC, you might try nerites and ceriths, very industrious species that don't get too big. But if you're buying locally, and your lfs has small turbos, you can start with them and take them back when they get too big. An assortment of different species of snails can be a plus.


If you can find Mexican red-legged hermit crabs, (Clibanarius digueti), they would be a nice addition. They only grow to half an inch. IME, scarlet hermits remain small and are great scavengers as well.


Check out the nano gobies thread in the fish forum. There are loads of possibilities, but you may have to order online. Any of the Eviotas will do well in your tank.



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