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Ok so i know i have been playing around with many many many ideas in the last couple months- but i finally got a 40gl hex tank that i love with a 10gl sump!!



so this is the equiptment im looking at

i have a 10gl sump and plumbing

and put a mini G-series ASM skimmer in there-

NOVA extreme HOT-5 with Lunar lights


visitherm heater- i personally like that heater-

50lbs of sand- 20live 30 nonlive-

mag 5 or 7- l

2 maxi jets- 1200/900

20lbs of rock from somewhere- prolly just dead base rock

30lbs of TBS rock :)


then a whole bunch of the miscellanious equiptment that i have calculated into cost but dont feel like listing



so this is my stocking list which leads me to you guys-- i have some mini polls


a pair of some sort of clown fish

some sort of dwarf angel

1 cleaner goby

1 perly jaw

2 fire fish


1 cleaner shrimp

2 peps (mayb)

2 each of- cerith/turbo/nerite


coral frags i get from ppl <3

any other invert suggestions?


NOW for the mini poll!!!



1st mini poll

Should I get an Dwarf Angel Fish: What Type?



Lemon Peel

Flame Angel

None at all


2nd Mini Poll

Onyx or Orange Clown Fish?



Ocsellarius (sp?)/Percula


3rd mini Poll

If no Dwarf Angel Fish; what fish should i get instead?

Open response


Basically i want contrasting colors so if i got onyx clowns i wouldnt get a midnight dwarf-


i wonder how many ppl will respond to those polls- normally if i do that hardly anyone responds :(


Please respond- i will post pics of my tank when i come back from walking my dog

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1st - I would forget an angel if your doing corals.

2nd - B/W clowns seem to be the rage, but I like plain ole' clowns myself. Forget the tomato, they are mean as hell.

3rd - None....thats enough fish, if you find tank can support more...wait and save space for something you just GOTTA HAVE, later on.

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thanks! thats a good idea


oh and bw for anyone- i under stand the take it slow


who knows what i will actually get when the time comes-

the clown and anenome will be the last thing i add to the tank- and will add diff species of fish at different times

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oh i also had a question about kalk


i have read a couple articles about it-

i understand it is not required to have a calcium reactor/kalk reactor but how difficult is it to dose without the security of one?


what supplements would one consider dosing with

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I wouldn't do the angel with corals. Plenty of people get away with it, but I'm not willing to talk the risk. Black and white clowns are all the rage, and if I didn't love GSM clowns so much, I would get a pair. But I will admit those midnight, or black nox, dwarf angels look really cool. I've only seen one once, and that was the only one I ever took a chance on. But, it didn't last long...too skittish. If I ever did it again, I would make sure it was the first thing in the tank. Poor thing never came out to eat. Dosing calcium/alkalinity supplements isn't that a big a deal to me. I dose with B-Ionic in the morning, and it takes only a few seconds. Just think, people with dogs have to get up and walk the dogs in the morning. I spend a few seconds dosing the tank and making sure none of the corals have fallen over.

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haha- my mommy walks the dog! - i am now starting to run with her- but i messed up my leg last night running- grrr i hate excersise!!

<3 thanks for the answers


i think the black angels are really cool also and would look good with brightly colored fish- im into art and like to have the contrasting colors


there is my tank and a bonus seahorse picture!




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You probably will need more snails for that size tank. Just remember some are for algea and other for detritus so buy them based on your needs. As far as fish go I really like the wrasses. They are active and they have great colors.

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Oh, a stretch hex...cool. Much nicer than a regular hex.




p.s. reading between the lines.....sounds like your going to get an angel. :slap:

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Oh, a stretch hex...cool. Much nicer than a regular hex.




p.s. reading between the lines.....sounds like your going to get an angel. :slap:



actually i decided not to- :) though i think they are cute and pretty neat looking


i like the idea- and its smart- to wait till you see the "OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THAT FISH!!!" Fish-


im not the type of person- generally- who will ask for advice and just disregard it- i do however like multiple opinions on one subject- i absorb all the advice and information i get, reflect, and consider- deeply


particularly the kalk issue becuse i have heard scarey things

like what should my alkalinity reading be and what should my calcium reading be- i think its 400 or something along those lines


i considered wrasses in the past- past being couple months and idk never really took much- cept for the fairy wrasses but those can get pricey-


You should also get a "basslet"- royal gramma, blackcap, lantern, harlequin, swiss-guard., etc. They are all small and lots of fun!
someone also said that to me- which i dont know exactly how i feel about it-


but im sure my clowns will love to be the main attention of my tank- hopefully i wont get mean nasty ones- i'll train them to be sweet and kind.... cough cough


thanks for the replies

more are always welcome- sorry about the extensive posting- i have no life


oh and as for the snails- i know i will need more- i am just gonna buy as i go along-


r there any other inverts that i should be looking at. crab wise? starfish? cukes? shrimps? etc

i tried to list a mix of different types of snails



and what really annoys me slightly is having to get new sets of EVERYTHING for this tank- because i panacured my seahorse tank and that could be well bad for evrything practically in this one

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This is the CUC i have in my 26 Bow 5 astrea, 6 nassrius,2 magarita, and 1 fighting conch snail. 3 scarlet and 2 zebra hermits. sand sifting star. emerald crab, cleaner shrimp and peppermint shrimp. I chose these based on what the do and eat and prior expirence with my 10gal nano.


Fish I have 2 Oce. clowns, 1 firefish, and 1 yellow watchman goby. I would stay away from dwarf angels. gobies are good fish and skunk clowns are pretty cool.

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hows the conch i have been curious about them and interested in how big they grow.. what they eat? etc

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unfortuntely, they can get big, they're good for sifting through the sandbed, but I've seen mine on glass and rocks.

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