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Sand in the tank.


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I added my live sand a few days ago and waited out the storm. When it all finally settled, I turned the pump back on and storm number 2 kicked up. Well that finally filtered out, but I still have several particles moving around in the water, and a bunch of sand floating on the top of the water that I can't seem to filter out. Any suggestions?

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Did you use some filter floss in the tank? They are great for removing large particles. I used to tied some floss on the intake of my powerheads and the storm just clear up in an hour's time.


For those floating sand, well... I usually stir the water surface and the sand will start dropping down. Either that or you can net them out.



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sand will fall after the air attached to it is displaced. you could try aiming the water flow up a little to stir things at the top a little better.

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