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Air pump?


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If you have a hang on back power filter then that should be aeration enough. Same thing with a skimmer. If you currently have nothing on the tank (ie no filter), then add a small filter instead of an airstone. The airstone will simply speed evaporation meaning more frequent top-offs.

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it is not usual to put airstones into a salt tank. if you have surface agitation with the water pump, you'll have increased gas exchange between the water and air.

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ditto for everything said above...powerheads and HOB filters will aerate the tank. an air pump is no good because when the bubbles reach the surface of the water, they will pop thus releasing a little bit of water into the air. that water will hit either your lighting fixture or canopy and when the water evaporates, a salt crust will remain which is a pain to get rid off.

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