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Please ID Hitchicker Crab


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post-28473-1183202074_thumb.jpgpost-28473-1183202116_thumb.jpgI have a 24 gal AP with a 150 HQI and it has been up and running for well over a year now. It had several zoa gardens that I had managed to get started on the rockwork.


A couple months ago... my zoa's began to disappear and I contributed the loss due to severe invasion of flat worms. I did two treatments with a chemical to rid the pests followed with a big water change and then ran my Hot Mag on it for 24 hours twice with carbon. Flat worms were eleminated and everything seemed fine. Howeve, my zoos continued to just seem to vanish.


Two weeks ago I purchased a $100 worth of zoa frags... and they all disappeared within a week. Silly me thought they were not glued properly and the zoas got lost in the rockwork.


Last night... I turned off the HQI to the tank early. About an hour later we had a visit from some people... and in the process my father decided to turn the tank light back on. Anyway to make this short... after my friends left... I go to turn off the lights. As I am walking towards the tank... I notice something that looks like a porcelin handle to one of my cabinents in the tank. As I get closer to the aquarium... what I thought was a porcelin handle starts moving. To my suprise... it is a CRAB and not one that appears to be reef friendly.


The crab was easy to catch with a net and I then dump it into my little one gal pico on the kitchen counter. I fed it a piece of mytis shrimp and a bit of formula one. While he is eating... I am reflecing on the cost of zoas he ate in the last six months and how I blamed myslef for their demise.


Today... I took the little dreaded creature to the LFS. He now is residing in a ten gallon tank up ther with a rock goby. I am hoping he will find a home by someone who just has fish only (the kind that do not eat crabs).


Can anyone tell me what the name of this little bandit is? He is a master at disappearing in the rockwork when not moving.


Attached are a couple of pictures of this Hitchiker for ID purposes.


Thanks, Judie Hausmann


Opps! For some reason the pictures are at the top of this post.... sorry.

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That's quite the story! I am very impressed that a) you were able to catch it easily, and b ) after all your losses you still did your best to find the crab a new home. Too many people take their anger out on the culprit! And crabs can be impossible to catch.


jaidexl--nice response, pic & all!



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I thought it was noble too to spare the crab even after it cost you hundreds in lost coral. Hope he finds a good home in a fish only tank!

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