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Aquapods and nanocubes


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i would just like to get an idea of what works best for your all in ones....


i hear different opinions such as take out the blue spong dont use the bioballs and even creating a refugium out of it...


what do you all think?


any advice would be highly appreciated

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Aquapod 12



1. 1/3 rubble


2. floss


3. chemi-pure/heater


4. MJ-900 + fish bones for the two ocellaris that have jumped back there and into the pump inlet.


With the stock pump I had eggrate to wall off the secret compartment under 2&3, but I've been trying to see how much cash I can blow on clownfish with the maxi-jet.

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24 g NC here....chamber 1-Tunze Nano skimmer and surface skimmer

chamber 2....6 lb LR rubble with Chaeto with a sponge divider

chamber 3 2 MJ 900 with Hydor returns and 2 bags of purigen

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I have one small stock sponge in the first chamber that I rinse regularly, chemipure elite in the second, and a MJ1200 in the third.

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AP 12




1. LR rubble

2. Chaeto

3. Chaeto

4. MJ 900 with hydor flo


I've used filter floss, chemi pure, even tried an in tank hiatt setup...but in the end I like the 2 chambers of Chaeto the best.

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Skimmer, chemipure, purigen, carbon, mj1200, mj900(running to the chiller), and a heater.

Adding a fuge this week so more will be added.

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no offense but how many of these types of posts are we gonna have?

[nothing has changed....wat people still recomend is LR in the back and/or a fuge] and some people say carbon or chemi-pure [crap]

srry but I think i see about 5 of these threads every day lol

there is a search on this website ;)


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AP 12

1. heater (sometimes chemipure -- right now I'm running without)

2. chaeto/live rock rubble

3. live rock rubble

4. maxijet 900

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