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Propagator's stuff is A++


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Just want to thank Prop for the 4 polyp frag of AOG's that i bought from him... After a little more than 2 week there are 2 more polyps budding, making a total of six. I love the fast growth rate... i will definetly try to get more stuff from him. Maybe some of those speckled PPE's.

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Prop is a great dude---they don't get more straightforward than Prop!


And he knows about all the craziest sh!t that you would never expect!!!! And its usually always RIGHT ON!! lol! :)


I don't know how you do it Prop, but you are one of my reef idols!!!! Keep it up brother!

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The Propagator

Hey thanks guys !

Sorry I missed this thread and responded so late.


I am far from a reef God of any kind but I do try.


That means A LOT coming from you Mark.

Seriously man. You have surpassed me by leaps and bounds with your set up. Someone of your caliber and status giving me a compliment like that really means a lot :).


Medachef is an EXCELLENT buyer !

No muss no fuss. Pays fast and provides excellent communication!

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