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Help with the new BioCube!


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I am looking into purchasing a 14g biocube. I have been reading the forums on here to see what upgrades I may need to purchase for it. I'm pretty sure I will need to buy a new higher wattage light, and a protein skimmer possibly. But I was wondering what else I should get to get myself started off on the right foot. Any suggestions or comments will be extremely appreciated. Thanks!

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:welcome: to nano-reef


you may hear differing opinions on the subject, but you don't really need to do much at all. the lighting, if i remember right, is enough for soft corals and sps. you don't really need a skimmer for a nano if you keep up on wc's. you can really view that as optional equipment for sometime down the road. also, many people do upgrade the pump to make it more efficient and throw off less heat. imo, all you really need is a heater. i think most people just mod their all-in-one's so much because they want something to do. thats just the way i see it; use the alll-in-one for what it was made to do. i have heard of a a few people cutting down one of the baffles though, so you may want to check the all-in-one forum for that.

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yeah what he said ^^^^


I upgraded the pump on my BC8, added a heater, a hydor flo and put live rock rubble and some filter floss in chamber 2

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I got a BC8 and love it. I cut off the film in the back for chamber 2 and added a light on the back. I put Chaeto and live rock in chamber 2. I also put some live rock in chamber 1.


I upgraded my pump to a Microjet 606. I added filter floss at the top of chamber 2 above the grate.


I increased the size of the flow between chamber 1 and 2 by cutting the plastic tab out.


I have seen the protein skimmer. It fits perfectly. GL with that.


check out Chil105's site. it is great






for more info. Read all of it and you will be well informed


Have fun.


Just be prepared for water changes.

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